Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Super Suppers

Apparently, I have been living under a rock.

Tonight, for the first time I went to Super Suppers. It is one of those places where you go and pay money to prepare food that you will freeze and then cook for dinner later.

With your friends.

While you drink wine.

And eat appetizers.

It was so much fun! And I have 5 meals to just pull out of the freezer for my family! ( I gave one to a friend who is about to burst with her twins) Dinner in no time flat.

A good dinner.

With different spices and sauces.

Not just chicken.

For way less money than I could ever spend on my own at the grocery store to make the same meals.

Genius really. A mom's best friend. I can't believe I have not tried it before now!


The Mom said...

Never heard of it, but i see there are a handful very close to me!! Sounds like a fun trip!

Janel said...

My friend says it has saved her at dinner time.

I love to cook but often find it hard to come in from being outside in the neighborhood to cook.

The food is fresh, no preservatives and easy to prepare. Just thaw and cook. Great dinner and I can stay outside and talk which is what I am really good at! ;)

Bahama Shores Mama: said...

I make these kinds of meals for all the new mothers I know. They love them! I've also been meaning to plan a Girl's Night at my house setting up something just like this. I am going to have to move it up higher on my list of priorities! Thanks for the nudge.

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