Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Girl Who Makes Him Answer, Fantastic!

Okay, so I here I am posting last about the first part of the weekend. You know it was a whopper of a weekend when it takes you 4 days to post about it.

So this is the newest addition to my family. My new sweet Sister In Law.

And because I am not into using photos and real names I will just introduce her as "The One Who Has Caused My Brother to answer "FANTASTIC!" Every Time I Call and Ask How He is Doing."

Aren't they just perfect for each other?

Their story is sweet and because I know so many of you only online, you will appreciate this.

They met through an online dating service called Plenty of Fish. It is a free service and each of them had apparently been through many options in the dating scene.

They met online, arranged a date and never parted. Seriously, they saw each other almost every day after they first met. I think she even had another date lined up later that week and canceled it after she met my brother. Well, he is the sweetest thing ever, so I can understand why.

My brother moved to the big city about 5 years ago with his best friend. They started working for a big retail store there that most of you probably shop at weekly. He works hard. So hard it is ridiculous. Long story short, he and his friend had a falling out and the friend moved away. My brother was alone for a long time. Dating was something he did not have much time for but he did try it here and there. So, the fact that he met her and is now settling into a new married life is even sweeter. We no longer worry about him being lonely and working too much. He has something to come home to!

The girls and I headed out to get mani/pedi's the day before the wedding and out to lunch. Of course we had to do that! No wedding is complete without a gaggle of girls and their french painted fingers and toes! So, we bombarded a little nail shop in their town and about $300 later left filed, painted, waxed and feeling beautiful. I am hoping it was a nice time for the bride.

Here we are out to lunch at Chili's enjoying one of those Chocolate Molten desserts. That is one of my favorite things at Chili's. Really, I could just go and have the chips and salsa and that dessert. Go today and find yourself one if you have not had it. Take a friend and share it so you won't feel so guilty.

So, that's me and my new SIL, daughter, my new gorgeous niece and my other beautiful niece that everyone thinks is my daughter.

At lunch, my new SIL asked me to share the "dirt" on my brother. She wanted to know about his past as a teenager and young man. There is no dirt on my brother. He is truly the nicest and most honorable guy. He was the perfect kid growing up as the middle child. Always the one keeping the peace. Unlike my other brother and I - plenty of dirt and never keeping any peace in that home of ours. So, we just had to talk about his sweetness all day. That and that chocolate cake were just a little too much to handle.

So, here is the new family. Nothing like being a single guy for over 30 years and now having an instant family. Coming up on the teenage years. Oh, I am hoping there is some great love there to get them through those years. Don't you know, I will be praying! God Bless This Family!


fortyb4forty said...

Looks like a happy family.Sounds like you are a great and supportive sister.

The Mom said...

They look so in love!

Anonymous said...

AAAwwwwwhhhhh I want to cry all over again! That's just about the sweetest Blog I have ever read and to see it's about my HUSBAND (still love saying that), my kids and me - that just makes it even better ... aaaaawwwwwwhhhhhhhh!

I enjoyed meeting the rest of the family I was already in love with. There's not a better group of people I would have wanted as my family! I feel like we have all known each other forever!

We love you!
Husband, Wife, Teenage Girl, Growing Boy and two Golden Hairy Dogs!

Kellie said...

Whew! That was quite a weekend!

And such a sweet story about your brother!

Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

How great that your bro has met the love of his life, I hope they have a lifetime of wonderful memories together!!

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