Sunday, June 29, 2008

Playing House

There is something very comforting to me when we first arrive at the beach and I begin to unpack.

Crazy, right? Stay with me for a minute.

We usually rent a condo or a house each summer for a week at the beach. We check in to the rental agency, get our keys and head to our home for the week. We pull up in the drive, grab a couple things, place the key in the door and open to the place we will make our newest set of memories as a family.

Hubby generally carries everything inside. The kids help some by carrying their pillows and special blankets but mostly just complain that everything is too heavy. "Buck up, we say - this is a team effort here guys."

I immediately head into the kitchen start unloading our food and organizing my new space. the kids run to their room and claim their beds. Well, actually they run into every single room screaming with excitement.

What is it with kids that they love to be in a new place so much?

Well, what is it with any of us? Because to be honest I run into all the rooms and out on the deck just bursting in curiosity of what this new place holds.

So, I unpack our clothes, hang those that need to be hung (which is not many at the beach) and place soaps by the sink to wash our hands. Place our flip flops by the door. Shampoo in the tub, towels and TP in the bathrooms. You know, all the niceties of a home.

It is only when all of this "setting up of house" is finished that I can relax.

As I run around placing everything in it's place and tucking away the suitcases, it is as if I am imagining that the home we are renting for the week is our very own. It reminds me in a way of playing house as a kid.

My brothers and I used to use masking tape on the floor to square off our imaginary rooms. We would set up each room like a kitchen or bedroom and play. Pots and pans and play food in the kitchen.

Because on vacation? All food is play food. Nothing counts for calories and you can eat what ever you want! Or so it goes on our vacations. Chips and dip? Bring it on. Chocolate truffle brownies? Come on down!

Clothes and babies in the bedrooms. Except that now my babies are real.

And right now they are needing to be tucked in.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I am the same way- even at hotels. I like to unpack and put things away, then go about our day!


Beachy Mimi said...

Have a great beach vacation. I'm going back there myself this week. Living in a "play" house is always fun for a week.

Anonymous said...

I am the same way and I love it...
Hope you and your family have a wonderful time at the beach. Relax and enjoy it and I know you will who wouldn't right.

Kellie said...

I;m with you on the Playing House thing. I am exactly the same way.

What I love about staying in a house on vacation is that it isn't my although there are things to do to get settled, there aren't other things to do that are WORK! Like piles of laundry, and phones to answer, and notes to write and space to pick up....but you're on vacation! So I won't remind you!

Have fun!

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