Friday, June 6, 2008

She Speaks Confirmation!

Well, I received my confirmation letter yesterday from Proverbs 31 for the She Speaks Conference.

I am both all of a sudden very excited and very nervous!

So many things to think about.

First of all, I have to say that any ministry that addresses the humidity and the condition of your hair is a ministry I want to be a part of! Thank you ladies for knowing what makes us tick.

Yes, they did - they let those coming from out of state know just how humid NC can get and to be prepared for that. I love it!

Next up is that earlier you may remember me talking about my younger brother possibly getting married that weekend.
Then he decided not to get married until November.
Then 2 days after I booked my registration for She Speaks, he decided to go ahead and get married that Friday afternoon.
Yeah. Crazy, I know. That's my family! You gotta love em'.
I am happy about his wedding and do not want to miss it, so I must attend it on Friday afternoon.

In Atlanta.
At 2:30.
5 hours from Charlotte where the conference is.

Oh and there is a little reception at his new home that he just bought and proudly wants to show off immediately following the wedding.

So, after this little shindig, my family and I will pile in the minivan and head to Charlotte.
Of course, this means I will miss the Bloggers reception and my blogger session with Big Mama, Boo Mama and Rocks In My Dryer.
Yeah, that is a big ole huge bummer to say the least.

I do have another one scheduled with them on Saturday, though. So, all is not lost.

Then there is the thought of actually meeting so many people I have "met" by blogging and converse with via email and comments. I will be meeting them in real live person! What if they don't like me as much in real live person? What do I expect? I have never had a "meeting someone online and then in real life person" experience. I am terribly excited about it though!

And lastly, there is this little deal where I have to write a short talk and then be evaluated by a P31 speaker and a group of my peers. Yikes!!!

So, the butterflies are a flying around in this tummy of mine for sure. Your prayers for peace, organization and all to go well would be greatly appreciated!

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Kellie said...

This is so exciting Janel! I'll be praying and thinking about you!

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