Monday, June 2, 2008

Wrappin' Up the Weekend

Well, recital is over for this year. B had a great time and had two amazing performances. She comes alive on stage and you can really see in her face how happy it makes her. After her Jazz number she came running back stage to me exclaiming how much fun she had.

This was the first year I helped back stage and it was such a different perspective! There was a lot of energy and enthusiasm with all the girls running around, changing customs, rehearsing, refreshing their hair and makeup and just playing around with each other.

I was just amazed at how much hard work goes into these recitals and how they pull it off to make it look so easy. I will never look at a performance again in the same way.
Here are some shots of all the Little Red Riding Hoods. They were part of a much bigger Sleeping Beauty production and just did an amazing job!

Hubby's parents were here and we had a nice visit with them. My hubby and his dad love to grill out, so we did that both nights and it was even cool enough one night to eat out on our deck. We also got a chance to enjoy our new patio!!! It still needs some work and I will show a picture of the completed project later this week, but for the most part it is such a nice addition to our backyard.
Try as I might to make the new patio look perfect with a cute side table, Adirondack chairs and candles it was inevitable that my kids would put their plastic Little Tykes red, yellow and blue picnic table on the patio. They declared it the perfect spot for them to enjoy their meals for the rest of the summer and to draw and color pictures. Oh well, it is only temporary. It's all only temporary, right? Pretty soon, their little legs won't be able to even fit in that table and I will be selling it in a garage sale with melancholy memories.

Hubby and Bubby are off playing golf this morning. Last night, an older neighbor boy across the street gave him some of his golf clubs he had grown out and Bubby was beyond excited. And of course, Hubby is beyond excited. It is one of his greatest joys to share one of his greatest loves (golf) with his little guy. I actually got a little misty eyed watching them leave this morning in their semi-matching golf shirts.

So, here we are beginning another week!
Oh, wait.
I just realized.
I am home alone.
Without any children.
To do whatever I want for a few hours.

What am I doing sitting here blogging? I guess doing what I want, but hey, I could actually go for a run without worrying about where my kiddos are! I think I will go do that now.


The Mom said...

What a sweetheart! I love being a backstage mom! Aren't studios amazing in how they coordinate it all? I'm in awe of all the talent!

Have a happy day!

Rebecca A.K.A. Mum said...

Glad to hear the recital was a success, your daughter looks lovely!!

Yay for lots of BBQing this past weekend, I love BBQs!

No kids in the house!!! I barely know what to do with myself when that happens....which is not very often. lol
I hope you enjoyed your morning alone. :)

Kellie said...

OH the Memories!

Not only did I dance my entire life and through college, I taught dance until my daughter was 5.

Those recitals ARE lot of work. (I sighed with relief when you posted about the LENGTHY dress rehearsal...that is quite common!)

But in the end recitals are pretty fun for everyone, and allows the dancer to showcase her/his hardwork!

You're little dancer is beautiful!

Stefani said...

I can't believe how grown up B looks! She seems to get bigger every time I see her! She looks beautiful!

S has her first recital this weekend. I hope it goes as well as B's did!

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