Thursday, July 10, 2008

Recovering Stuff Collector

As a long time shopaholic, I must often remind myself when making
purchases of
what I really need versus what I want.

And believe me, sometimes the line seems very thin.

To read the rest of my story, come on over to my friend Tatum's blog where I
am guest posting today.

And check out her blog. She finds inspiration in her daily routine and
"kidlets" . She's from Canada - transplanted to North Carolina -
and all that entails. For Such a Thyme

1 comment:

happyathome said...

I'll drop by and take a look see. As for the opening line, it is a constant with me. Once employed and could pretty much buy without feeling the guilt. Now it is not about me and have to justify. Oh well, the sacifices made are worth it!

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