Monday, July 28, 2008

Second Grade, Here She Comes!

B is back to school today.

Our short summer is over. snif snif.

Second grade.

I really just cannot believe it.

It seems like I just brought her home from the hospital. I can actually remember wondering when she would start to roll over. When she would get her first tooth, take her first steps, eat solid food. I remember the first day of preschool. She was so sweet. Pudgy little smiling baby girl.

Now? Well, now she is ruling the roost around here.

She informed me at bedtime last night that I should plan to pack her lunch that night and exactly what to pack.

I should also go ahead and plan to be up early because her alarm was already set for 7 am and she would get dressed right away. I should be dressed, ready to go and make sure I am snappy in the morning.

She will be riding the bus and there is no need for me to drive her.

I am not kidding. Those were my instructions.

Um-Kay. Who is the mom around here? I sometimes forget.

Anyway, she is beyond excited. She loves her new teacher. She went through her backpack 17 times smelling her erasers and making sure her new pencils have sparkly grips and monkey head erasers on them.

Her outfit? Well, let's just say - "it's a keeper." That is what she said about all the clothes she tried on and liked on our shopping trip the other night. (The ones she didn't like she said, "oh, I can do without that one.") It was the first shirt she saw, tried on and it's her favorite. A matching bracelet, earrings, necklace and headband are all laid out. A Bonnie Bell lipgloss and antibacterial hand wash are tucked safely away in her backpack - just in case.

Oh, she is a hoot. She makes me happy to be a mom.

She is so ready, that I actually went in my own room and laid out my gym clothes for the morning. Not my usual routine, but maybe she is on to something.


The Mom said...

Happy first day as a second grader!! My Boy will be one in 22 days and counting!!

Amy said...

Yes the first day of school! My daughter was excited today about 3rd grade! All the school supplies....seeing all her friends...etc...

And you know what the first day better not have anything planned tonight because our daughters will be bringing home all those forms to fill out. And we will be running around the neighborhood getting everyone's signature in case we ever need someone else to pick our kids up at school.

So I will be over at 7pm for your autograph:)

Kristin said...

Do you have a pic of her all "dressed up" on her first day - shiny Bonne Bell lips and all? A girl's gotta have her lip gloss you know! Get ready.... in our house, I found that life starts a changin' in second grade! :)

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Oh, I wish I had a photo, but still no camera. I really need to fix that situation.

She had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't believe you have started school already. We don't start here until the 18th of Aug.
I hope she has/had a wonderful 1st day it's always so exciting, I know I always had butterflies my first day of school all the way up through college.

Jo-Lynne (Musings of a Housewife) said...

Wow, SO SOON!!! She sounds adorable. We need a picture! :=)

Oops, just read the comments. Dang, that's too bad.

Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

Wow back to school alread....I could wish! lol

Your girl sounds like she is super organised, and how funny she was telling you how is was going to go down. I hope her 1st day was wonderful for her!

Makes me wonder if it will all continue, or in a couple months if you will be hounding her to 'get up and lets get ready so you wont miss the bus'. hehe

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