Monday, August 11, 2008

First sleepover and Saying NO!

Well, B had her very first sleepover this weekend.

I have to say, I had some reservations.
She is only in second grade.
Not even 8 years old.

I don't think I had my first sleepover until at least 3rd or 4th grade.

I would have said NO but I already said NO last year when she was invited to this very same girl's sleepover party. I think I would have destroyed my daughter if I'd refused again this year. Plus, I really love the parents and trust them.

So, it all went well. I think the girls stayed up until after midnight and were up by 6:45 am. Those poor parents - brave souls!

She was so tired yesterday and everything was a bigger deal. The biggest deal being that I would not allow her to have a friend over after church.

Okay, so the kid had birthday parties on both Friday and Saturday night. She with with her little girlfriends ALL weekend.

I felt some family time on Sunday was necessary.

She did not like my denial of her request.
As a matter of fact because of her not getting her way and being tired I witnessed the tantrum of a 7 year old girl in full force.

What is it with hearing NO?
When we want something, we want it now and certainly don't want to be told NO.

From a very early age we teach our children boundaries by telling them NO. We do this because we see a bigger picture than they do. We know what is best for our children.

They can't see past their immediate needs. We can, though.


As I reflect on this weekend I look at what I said YES to.
It was a big deal for me to say YES to a sleepover.
It was something my daughter really wanted and I honored that want.
However, when she was visibly tired from the weekend, I needed to say NO so she could rest.

But she didn't understand that. And she might not until she has children of her own.

It's a good lesson for me today.
Sometimes when I ask my heavenly father for something through prayer he says YES!
He honors my deepest desire and I can see answer to prayer quickly.

Other times, not so much.

He says NO.

I can deal with waiting on answered prayer. As long as it goes in my favor. I'm a little spoiled that way, I hate to admit.

But NO?


Because he knows best?

It is not always the easiest thing to accept. And I may not see his reason for saying NO on this side of heaven. But I have to trust. Be obedient.

I am reminded of how I often handle a NO from God.

Just like B did yesterday.

Kicking and screaming.

Why do you think we don't just trust and obey? Well, maybe you do. I don't mean to assume that you don't. I guess, I am just wondering about me. Here on this blog. Why don't I always trust and obey?


Kellie said...

Such a thoughtful post!

The reason I " don't just trust and obey" is probably the exact reason why your daughter didn't...I tend to think I know what is best for me!

How grateful I am that my fit throwing over God's "No(s)" has never led Him to release His firm grip on me! Never led to allowing my short-sided ways! I shutter to think over the number of times I pleaded to have my way, and He firmly said no! Looking back I am so grateful...

And your daughter will look back someday in the future, and she will be glad for the times you said "no"! Good Job!

tollesons4him said...

Oh, I know what you mean sister, I too have two daughters who have had sleep overs and have gone to sleepovers who come home completly phycially and mentally exhausted.

I enjoyed reading your post today and you are so right about how we react to the way God tells us no on things.

Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

Uh oh a big kid tantrum....those can be crazy wild!!

Glad she had fun at her 1st sleepover though, how fun!

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