Monday, August 4, 2008

A new dress, hot stones and sangria

So, what do the things in the title have in common?

My weekend!

I did purchase a new dress. Black, cute, simple.

I got a fantastic deal on it! It was marked down. Then a sale on top of it and then an extra 20% for using my store card AND it was tax free weekend. $134 dress for $48. I would say that is a good deal.
But, it's not the dress I will be wearing to the reunion, though. big sigh

The reactions from my hubby and father in law told me it is not WOW enough for a 20 year reunion.

So, the shopping continues. Fun Fun!!!

Although, I do think I am keeping the dress for another occasion. It is the perfect LBD and it was a great deal.

Did I already say what a great deal it was?

I had a hot stone massage on Saturday with my sweet Mother in law. It was so divine. Really, I fell asleep on the table I was so relaxed.
It was my arm falling off of the table that woke me up. Am I the only one that is a little embarrassed by that?
Naked, under a sheet, in a dark room with a perfect stranger and falling asleep. Then the twitching starts and arms falling off the table so you wake up with a jerk. What if I started talking in my sleep?

Anyway, then yesterday, while trying on dresses, I noticed I was breaking out in hives.

Well, they are still there and worse. Now they are down my arms, too!

From the hot stones and oil? Hmmm. Not sure.

Something I ate?

I am not prone to food allergies so that doesn't seem right.

But. it. itches.

I took Benedryl, but it just made me sleepy. I am hoping they go away by tomorrow so I don't have to go to the doctor.

Anyone out there heard of breaking out in hives after a hot stone massage?


My MIL made the yummiest sangria yesterday for my birthday celebration. We had about 10 people in all and the sangria was a hit! Hubby and his dad smoked a brisket yesterday and with some fresh veges from the farmer's market we had a fantastic dinner. Then an M & M ice cream cake (mmm, it was good) and presents to top it off.
Oh, how I love birthdays!

I did get a new camera AND a new iPod Nano!!!! Hubby spoils me so much.

We ended up with a Nikon Cool Pix. It fits in my purse, easy to use and most importantly not too expensive should another accident happen.

The one thing I loved about my other camera is the video feature. I will miss that on this one, but I do have another nifty video camera, so it is not like I will be missing out on video. I just liked that I had a little camera for those impromptu moments.

Yesterday was such a blessed day with all of my family surrounding me. It feels good to get everyone together and just eat and hang out on our patio. Sometimes, you can just forget about the world and spend time with people that matter so much in your life. Those times are just too short. Short and sweet.

Hope your Monday is fabulous!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Neighbor!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday! 29th B-days are always fun!!! :-)
Glad you had such a great day.

Beachy Mimi said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you had such a wonderful day with your family.

happyathome said...

Hey Janel, No you should not get hives from the message, my sister-in-law stated that, unless the rocks were not sanitized! Oh the thought.....anyway, go for the gusto on the dress! Get something you would not normally buy, of course within reason. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, Hapy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Janel, Happy Birthday to you!
Glad you had a wonderful day despite the hives and yea you got a new camera sounds like a perfect b-day to me.

ali said...

Happy Birthday! A new nano? I'm so jealous! Would you mind sharing the sangria recipe?

Boomeyers said...

Woo Hoo! Sounds like tons of birthday fun! Happy belated!
I break out from everything, so I am not a good judge of what it could be. The benedryl should take care of it though!
Glad you had such a good time!

Kellie said...

HAppy Birthday!!!!

I am so behind on blog reading this week!

Your weekend sounds like it was awesome! (minus the hives!)

Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

Happy Belated Birthday Janel!

Sounds like you had a wonderful day on Monday with lots of goodies to eat and use!

Yay on a new camera and Ipod, how cool of your hubby!! :)

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