Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Real Soccer

Oh, I remember when B started playing soccer a few years ago.

Our town has intro to Soccer and she was 4.

Bubby was just walking and, of course as most boys do - loved BALLS!

Ball was his first word.

We brought a little soccer ball to the fields and he would run around kicking it. As she grew and played on different teams, he brought his smaller ball and watched from the sidelines.

The big question for him the minute he could ask was, "When can I play soccer, Mommy?"

Well I was finally able to say "Tonight Bubby - tonight!"

I have never seen so much joy in a little boy. He was on cloud nine all day in anticipation for the evening and had his full soccer gear on an hour before we were scheduled to leave.

He was so incredibly excited and ran his little heart out tonight.

Of course, tonight was just a practice and his question tonight was only for his coach,

"When can we play REAL soccer?!?!"
At prayer time tonight, he thanked Jesus for his legs so he could play soccer and said it was the best part of his day.

When I asked if he had any part of his day he didn't like, his answer was simply, NO.

Ah, to be four.


Kellie said...

OH I love to watch four year old soccer players! They are so darn sweet!

Jenn P. said...

That is to darn cute!

Amy said...

You know I am SOOOO EXCITED!!!! Yes another soccer player in the 'hood! We may just have to get out there and watch him play...my kids will be so excited!

Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

How cute does he look in his soccer gear, what a handsome little soccer dude!!

I love how excited he was, how fun he is so excited to play his first real game!!

GL little man! :)

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