Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No Reptiles - Wordless Wednesday

Sign on Beale Street in Memphis.
No reptiles?
Now you just know that someone brought their huge python to Beale street around their neck to listen to live blues music and drink too much. That would have been interesting to see for sure.
I am glad they have rules.
I'm just sayin'
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The Mom said...

There's a sign you don't see too often! LOL!

Jenn P. said...

I couldn't go where they don't allow reptiles! :)

Ann said...

This is so great.
I even heard "Walking In Memphis" on the drive to school this morning!
(He doesn't sing about "No Reptiles" though.)

Anonymous said...

I am laughing, Beale street will probalbly be the only place you see a sign like that. Well maybe Bourbon street in NO.

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