Monday, October 13, 2008


I joined Facebook today. My neighbors all joined and got me in on the fun. It seems pretty cool how you can connect with people all over the place.
And kinda weird how all of a sudden people are sending you friend requests that you haven't seen since...well, your high school reunion a couple months ago. But before that you hadn't seen in years!
Anyway, it is pretty cool. I feel so hip. My friend Kent is helping me with the lingo since he has a teenage son.
Any advice from fellow Facebookers out there?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love facebook it is so much fun. I am leann smith tolleson

D-Ann said...

I am facebook addict :) Darci Ann

Boomeyers said...

I love Facebook! So easy to use and you can play games with your friends too! I am Kathy Meyers in St Louis, or St Charles Missouri. I have the picture of the ocean as my default pic. Come by and be my "friend"!

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