Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Movies

Okay, this movie was so stinkin' cute. You know my love for dogs, especially small dogs. My kids loved it, my husband laughed and I...cried. Yes, I cried at Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Tiny but Mighty.

Can I just go on a little soapbox here and say that the movies are dang expensive. $26 to get in and don't even get me started on the concessions. We ended up sharing drinks which are too big for a normal person to consume anyway. It is really crazy to me that a family of four drops over $50 at a movie.

It is so fun to do occasionally, though. There really is nothing like seeing a movie on the big screen, eating movie popcorn and just being with the fam.

I can't believe I have yet to see a big person movie since I mentioned it last week. I also suspect the next movie I will see will be HSM 3.

Shhh...just between you and me. I am a little excited to see what the gang is planning after graduation!


Kellie said...

My kids want to see this too, so I am glad for the good review.

I am sure I will be seeing HSM3 because The Girl is really wanting to see it.

And since you confessed, I will too.

I'm looking forward to seeing it!

ali said...

We go to the movies only twice a year maybe. Once during the summer and again during Christmas vacation. I know what you mean about the expense! But you're right, it is great family time:)

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