Thursday, October 23, 2008

Should Have Been a Cowgirl

So, in my effort to get my room more couple focused, I am placing photos of the just the two of us in the room.

This photo was taken about 15 years ago! We were in our early 20's. It has been on my vanity or dresser since the day I got it developed. We lived in Dallas and used to get all gussied up in our best "cowboy" attire to go out to a country bar called Denim and Diamonds. Hubby's brother worked there and we just had so much fun together trying to dance the Two Step.

Look at my hat! I actually still have that hat. Not sure why, but it does live in the very back corner of my closet. I don't have the heart to give it away and who knows, maybe it will come in handy for a cowgirl costume one day. I still have the real lizard skin black cowboy boots, too. They don't fit but I still keep them.

I read somewhere that you should to have current photos in your bedroom so as not to look back on the old ones and focus on what your relationship was like then vs. what it is now.

I disagree. I like having both. I liked what it was then and I like even better what it is now. So, I do have both types of photos in our room. Sometimes what "they" say - just doesn't apply to everyone.

Want to see more fun flashback photos? Check out Sincerely Fro' Me To You at We are THAT Family.


heidi said...

Look how cute! I love that, you can just see how happy you are in that picture. Thank you for sharing!

P.S. He loves you.. said...

I also like the old pix too!

ali said...

I'll put up any picture that I look even halfway decent in! said...

I agree, you gotta keep the mix of old and new...those memories are precious and are part of what makes us what we are today.

Great post!

Jenn said...

I enjoy all the memories my husband and I have made, too. I think its great that you keep those pictures close where you can remember.

Anonymous said...

Love the hat, really I do! Ok, I don't think they even have that bar here anymore but I will try to find it and take a picture of it for you and send it to you :)

Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

Love that are a hot cowboy couple!! ;)

I have an old photo of Jay and I from 17 years ago when we were dating in Crete, it is in the living room as the kids like to see it too (and I looked hot, skinny and young in it lol). :)

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