Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Coupon Game

Do you all play the coupon game? You know, where you clip and save and run around town getting double and triple savings on food that is on sale?

I do this a bit. Not as much as some, but every once in awhile I save big time!

Like today.

Have. To. Share.

We have CVS drug store's on every corner.

You too?

What is it with these drug stores on every corner anyway? We have like 7 in our small town.
Oh, I digress.

So, they had Duracell batteries on sale. Well, with Christmas coming up and electronics galore we go through some batteries.

I know - use the rechargeable ones.

I use both.

Anyway, they had Duracell batteries on sale.
I had 5.75 worth of coupons.
I bought $20.97 worth of batteries. One pack even came with some free ear buds.

I used my coupons which brought the total to $15.22.
And if you spend $20 on Duracell batteries this week you get $15.00 in Extra Care Bucks back!

Which is basically cash in my pocket to buy prescriptions, shampoo, deodorant, razors and all that stuff.

So, I paid 22 cents for about 24 Duracell batteries. Oh, oh and 8 of them were Digital Batteries!

Cool, huh? That is practically free!

Okay, yeah - it's the little thing in life that make me happy.


Ali said...

Awesome savings! I clip coupons too and like to use them all at once so I can really see the savings. Sometimes I'll forget, though, and let some good ones expire which infuriates me!

kel said...

man, I wish I had the patience to do coupons.. I really need to, lord know we need the money.
Your deal was awesome! I'm jealous!

tollesons4him said...

I really need to learn how this all works. We clip coupons but none of my stuff is ever FREE.....HELP HELP HELP

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