Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Monday

I don't normally love Mondays because I get overwhelmed as I look at my calendar.

But I am so excited to see that my calendar is not that full this week! And we have days off at the end of the week. And we are not going anywhere!

Not that I don't love the extended family and all. I am just happy for a little break right now.

So, the Mr. Linky, Souper Saturday went well. I was very excited that people linked up and by request, I will be posting it weekly through the Winter. I might do different themes or something to mix it up.

I have another button and carnival I want to do on Fridays. Finally Friday. Basically, each week, I like to wrap up my week or tell what is happening over the weekend. I would love to hear your plans, too! We'll see how it goes.

Here are some great links I found this morning.

Bring On The Turkey at Queen B - love this video!
Shades of Fall at Dreams are Free - my good friend is taking some amazing photos you have to check out daily.

Okay, Happy Monday everyone - Make it a great week!


Anonymous said...

I am ashamed I didn't get on this weekend to blog or look at other blogs so I did not see your Mr. Linky sniff sniff, I will back track and go and check it out.

Ali said...

I am loving today because it's not like a Monday at all, with only 2 days of school this week, today is actually Thursday!

Chris said...

Thanks for the props, sista!!! :)

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