Saturday, November 8, 2008



Okay, so on Monday, I will reveal a big secret. Well, me and about 150 other bloggers.

I will need your help. Every single reader - all 5 of you. Oh, I really love the 5 of you, my bloggy friends.

Anyway, it is very cool - you will want to help.

I might have been inspired by a local event and a very cool writer and blogger.

I just can't tell you until Monday, though. Come back!

Oh and I have weekend homework for you! Just observe how many pairs of shoes you and your family have. Recently, my B had to seperate all the shoes in our coat closet for a project - more on Monday!

See you then! I am very exxxxciiiiiited!

Oh, and if you want to get in on this secret there is still time. Just go here and email Anne.


Anonymous said...

oooh I can't wait until Monday! NOw, I am going to be thinking about this all weekend!!!!!!

Jenn P. said...

I will be checking in on Monday to see, can't wait!

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