Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Caroling

We went Christmas Caroling in our neighborhood last night. One of our neighbors always hosts this for the kids and they really enjoy it. We have hot chocolate and cookies after the caroling. It is a nice thing to do each year.

I don't find many people doing caroling anymore. How about you? Why do you think this tradition has fallen by the wayside so much?

People are too busy. That's my theory.

Okay, so this mom did not get it together and make sure her kids were in Christmas attire. Hey, I was doing good to get them to the party on time.

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kel said...

I love that! Its such a lost tradition!!!

fortyb4forty said...

Our small group at church goes caroling each year. We love it and look forward to it.

Kristin said...

I was telling my kids yesterday about how I used to go caroling when I was a kid. They didn't think people really did that anymore! So we organized a last minute caroling party, and had 20 kids caroling last night. (and then running around my house!) :) I even ran to the dollar store and bought all the battery operated candles, so they all had one. It was a lot of fun. How do you convince kids to NOT sing "Jingle ells, Batman Smells" while caroling?? haha

Jen said...

That is a nice tradition. I think our local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts do this.

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

That sounds like such a neat neighborhood thing to do. It seems like a lot of neightborhood traditions have been lost, what happened to the community type neighborhoods?

Dawn Ward said...

Hi Janel. We went caroling in our neighborhood Friday night. We had such fun! There was hot chocolate and s'mores in one of the cul-de-sacs afterwards. We got to meet new neighbors and made some new friends. We were all so glad we went.

As for why people don't do this anymore, I think you're right about the busyness. It just gets lost in all the hustle and bustle I think.

We sure enjoyed it, though, and I was glad we made the time to participate.

Merry Christmas!

Kellie said...

How fun! And I think your kids (and you!) look great!

In my humble opinion, I think the caroling tradition has fallen to the wayside because there is an intimacy that is required to stand in front of people and sing to them. And as a rule, we tend to want to avoid intimacy!

I know that sounds funny, and obviously I don't mean intimacy in a marital sense, but the intimacy that is required of relationship with others. In our fast paced world, where we're encouraged to compartmentalize everything and find ways to make our lives easier, intimacy has been cut out.

How's that for deep on this early Christmas Eve!

I haven't exactly finished my first cup of coffee yet, so I won't take responsibility for anything typed on this comment! ;)

Marry Christmas!

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