Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Food (or Water) for Thought

Just call me Robin's copy cat this week! But this is one of the reason I follow her blog - she posts cool stuff!

I actually did see this video last week on a site called the Mother Letter Project -which you should check out - um 'cause it is about the most romantic thing ever!

So, Robin at Pensieve asked this question regarding this video.
How does this resonate with you?

THEN this Sunday at church we kicked off a our Christmas Giving to build some wells in the Central African Republic with ICDI. Our church raised enough money to build 29 last year!

So, seeing it twice, raising money to dig wells...yeah, something told me I needed to share it with you.

Food (or water) for thought, huh?
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1 comment:

Mother Letter said...

Great post! I am glad you are sharing this video and it is good to hear of churches who are getting in the mix.

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