Friday, December 19, 2008

Tree Obsessed

Some people have more than one tree and they decorate them, leave them alone and they are beautiful.

And then there is me. I have one tree that I obsess over for a month. Does anybody else move ornaments, add things, change the topper and on and on?

I had ribbon garland, now it's off. I had an angel at the top. Now the angel is in the tree and a big bow is on top. I found this cool sparkly garland and put it on the tree. And this year I added those big balls stuffed deep in the tree. Basically, I see other people's trees and love them (Michele) and watch HGTV and then I sit there and stare at the tree - and I think, "Now if I just move this one ornament the tree will be peerrrfect!"

I will say that an artificial tree is a lot easier to decorate. Things stay where you put them. You can bend the branches to hold heavier ornaments up and move them where you want them. I like that. If only I could make it smell all would be perfect.

So, tomorrow will be the last Souper Saturday until after the new year. I will be surprised if anyone even joins in tomorrow as busy as everyone is, but please do if you can! I have several friends that are loving your recipes.

I am pretty much, very close, almost finished shopping. I am heading out tonight to pick up a couple things. I have not even been to the mall this Christmas season! Can you believe it? So, I thought I would head there tonight.

So, I leave my kiddos here with dad so they can play the Wii all night and stay up later than usual. They will have a ball.

On with the merriment!
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Kristin said...

I think you should post a pic of the "new" tree! :) Happy shopping!

misocancook said...

I have been obsessing over the garland around our fireplace since we didn't get a tree this year because we were going to be gone for a long time around Christmas. And we always get real one.

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