Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well, it has been a couple weeks since I reported any real mishaps.

Most recently? As in about 10 minutes ago. I fell down my stairs with a load of laundry. Socks of all things. Hubby comes running in all "Are you okay?" Aside from my broken back and broken ego - yeah just peachy.

Then there was my new very pricey candle that I purchased in DC - on clearance. $30 candle for $9. It was in it's own little box. I was very excited to pull it out today and burn it but when I pulled it of the bag, the bottom of the box fell off and the candle went flying across my foyer and crashed into a million pieces. Big sigh. So, I managed to sweep the mirrored glass shards up from my wood floor and rugs. It is at this point most sane people would just throw the broken candle away. But it was soft and I figured I could salvage it somehow - so, I dug the rest of the candle out of the broken glass an placed it into another glass holder.

The only thing is that it did not look good, so I decided to microwave it so it would melt together a little bit. Forgetting there might still be shards of MIRRORED and most likely LEADED glass in the wax.

Yes - just 3o seconds later a fire has broken out in my microwave. Luckily, I was able to extinguish it.

And yes, I finally threw the candle away. It only takes two almost major disasters for me to get the hint.

And then there was the little forgetting of my purse in the lobby of that huge hotel we stayed in. It wasn't until late the next morning that I realized it was gone. So, I started to search and finally called the front desk to see if anyone found it and turned it in. Luckily, a security guard did. After a good scolding from her, she confirmed that it was my purse and it was safe on my arm again.

Some days - it's a wonder I get by.

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