Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year Fun

Jo-Lynne did this really fun meme that I thought I would join in just to summarize my 2008 - blog style.
I did change it up a little by listing the title of the first post of each month. Jo-Lynne did the first line of each post of each month. Like she said, it's good to be queen of your own blog, though! So, without furthur ado...

Back To Reality: We just got back from Disney. Wow - this really seems like yesterday. It was a FANTASTIC way to start the new year. I think we are planning to do it again next year.

One Vote 08: I did not think, at this point, that I would see history unfold the way it did in this year's presidential election. While it did not go the way I voted, I feel honored to be a part of a generation to see that "glass ceiling" of race broken in the office of President of the United States. I think that the way the election played out is a clear indication of a need for some change in our country.

Going Postal: For me, this marks one of my most significant moments of 2008. It was a crucial point in learning not to carry my friend's and family's troubles around. I learned that I can not fix these people I love or carry their hurt around with me. What I can do for them is pray, love and ultimately let go.

Happy Birthday My Little Man!: April 1 is my son's birthday. He is the truest of blessings.

My Modeling Career: This picture really just explains itself.

We Pray For The Children: If I am still blogging and not talking about the injustices of this world and it's children - somebody please let me know. We need to be aware - all the time aware. I hope to continue sharing what I can.

A Day at The Beach: Ahhhh. This is absolutely, without a doubt, by of my most favorite times of each year. Time away with my family at the beach. I can take my mind there right now and find peace.

A New Dress, Hot Stones and Sangria: My birthday! This marks the beginning of my month of finding a dress for my high school reunion that was at the end of August. Lots of stress over something that was really not that big of a deal. That is absolutely the way life is, though. I just remembered that one of you asked for the Sangria recipe after this post - we actually just bought the pre-mixed bottles at the store and added sliced oranges, peaches, limes, cherries - really good.

Hello Out there...: This marked the beginning of some real changes in our family. A shifting of some priorities and making sure our focus was on the right things in our life. It's been good. Really good and probably some of the best changes we have ever made.

Clothing and Toy Swap: This is something I love being a part of at our church. My friend, Julianne leads this up twice a year. It is a labor of love for her and an incredible joy to be a part of. To watch families in our church and community give what they don't need, take what the do and all for free is a very good thing indeed. It's recycling and helping your community at it's best. If you are looking for a great local project to do at your church - this is it.

Brainiac: I am not sure why I tell publicly all the stupid things I do. I actually makes me feel better to laugh out loud at them. You also make me feel soooo much better with your comments.

Time Sure Flies: Oh, this started the holiday time. Time away from the blog which was one of my priority shifts back in September. It's just the thing that has to give when my family needs me. November and December are crazy for us with 2 birthdays and the holidays. Hubby is always trying to finish the year up strong with our business, too - so it's good for me to be more present in the home and less in cyberspace. It also marks the beginning of upgrades in our house! I hope to be posting more of that this year.

Wow - it certainly does fly, time that is.
I am thankful for each and every one of you that stop by my blog and leave comments. I hope it continues to be an encouraging place for you. I know you encourage me. I hope your 2009 is stuffed with blessings!

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Jenn P. said...

That really was a fun meme! You had a great year. Happy 2009!

Anonymous said...

So fun to recap the year. Happy New Year Janel!

Jen said...

I loved this meme idea. I'm going to have to remember it for next year. I liked the post about your modeling career. I had hair that big too! Wishing you a beautiful 2009!

Musings of a Housewife said...

What a fun wrap-up of 2008!!! :-) Thanks for sharing!

EE said...

This is a great MEME. I enjoyed reading the recap!!
I may have to steal this one, too!

Ali said...

Yay! The sangria recipe I was looking for!:)

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