Thursday, January 22, 2009

Qlubb Review

When Team Mom first sent me this website to review, I really wasn't sure it was something I could use. I have a blog to stay in contact with my friends and family and a blog to stay in contact with the small group leaders I coach at church. My friend set up a website for our book club.

Hmmmm. Well, then it occurred to me exactly where I could use Qlubb. Right here at home!

My husband and I cannot seem to coordinate our schedules. We are forever scrambling as we discover that we are double booked or forgot an important date.

I love this site because unlike my blogs and website, each person involved in the "club" or the family can add important dates to the calendar. You can post chores for the kids and pictures of the kids sports and family vacations.

Now we can both access Qlubb to add our dates and then be in sync with each other.

You can even make it extend past your immediate family to the entire extended family. How cool would it be for each family member to know when a big game is happening for a niece or nephew or to see photos from the latest dance recital that you could not attend?

You can also link up your blogs,websites, myspace, Facebook or any other favorite sites to this.

Maybe you don't have time to set up a website for each group or club that you are in. This is a perfect way to set up a calendar, post pictures of past events, upcoming events and link to events for any club or group that you are in.

With Qlubb you can:

  • Eliminate back and forth emails
  • Avoid reminding (nagging?) everyone about events and responsibilities
  • Easily delegate tasks to group members
  • Create a secure website for your group
Qlubb is the easiest way to get your real-life groups organized and on the same page. Between our children's classrooms, scout troops, religious groups, social groups, book/wine clubs and families, we are constantly running around trying to plan and coordinate our group activities. Too often, organizing is just simply a source of headaches and undue stress.

With easy user sign-on, group calendaring, shared sign-up sheets, online rsvp, and much more, Qlubb automates many of the tasks and significantly reduces the time it takes to organize group events, activities and members, giving you more time to enjoy your groups, families and friends
Find out more about by clicking Here and start a 30-day trial of getting organized!
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