Saturday, January 10, 2009

Washington DC - Day 2

Yesterday, was a very full day. About as much as this family of four can fit into a day.

We started out by heading into DC from our hotel which is about a 20 minute drive. We decided to take the shuttle from the hotel which later proved to be a big mistake. But the drive in was good.

We were dropped of at historical Union Station and managed to eat lunch there from 3 different mall type restaurants. One wanted a burger, another Chinese and Hubby and I had some Indian.

We then headed to the US Capitol. I have to say it was a pretty cool feeling to just walk inside the hub of our country. It is beautiful and so well-maintained. It made me very proud. The new visitors center is very nice but not what we expected. We took a short guided tour which was extremely informative and engaging. There is so much that the general public is not allowed to see.

We managed to see the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and walk through National Mall to view the Washington Monument. The Air and Space Museum is very cool and a great museum for younger kids because they can touch things and have interactive rides and movies.

We had to be back to our hotel for our party, though and it was getting very chilly, so we headed to our pick up point for our hotel shuttle.

We waited. No shuttle. Waited some more. Called. No shuttle. They said it was traffic. 30 more minutes. No shuttle. More calls. More excuses. Finally, an hour and a half later and a very heated call with my 4 year old screaming in the background somehow encouraged them to send another shuttle. I was just chilled to the bone. I am guessing we stood in about 35 degree windy weather that whole time.

It. was. not. fun. Anyway, we got our money back for that ride - yes we did.

It was a very quick change into our outfits. The kids looked precious. Hubby was not too into it and decided against wearing the entire outfit. Mine was incomplete but sufficed. I wanted to sew some fringe on it, but just ran out of time. The kids were so cute, though and they TOTALLY got into the whole deal. I actually did sew some fringe on B's dress which ended up looking good.

Below is the only family photo we got. Hubby has decided he needs this little beard right now. Whatever. I am not sure the 20's look is for me, but it was fun.

The highlight of this evening other than Hubby receiving a 10 years in business award was my children having the time of their life dancing the night away. At one point I could not find my daughter in a huge crowd of hundreds of people dancing.
Finally, we found her.
On stage. And she had this little posse of kids with her including my son.
Think she likes to be the center of attention or what?

We finally made it to bed about Midnight. This mama crashed into a heap in the soft cushy hotel bed.

I am up watching the Carolina Panthers getting whooped. Not a good thing. Bummer. We sported our shirts all day today except while swimming. We were so hopeful!

Tomorrow we're headed into DC again, not on the shuttle, to see some more sights. Later.
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Kellie said...

I love DC! Everything about it: the Metro, the sights, the history...

Y'all look fantastic in your costumes!

Ali said...

Great pictures! Looks like your hubby got into character, too:)

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