Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Blues? Try this...

Okay, so in a post last week, I talked about how I get the winter blues.

As a matter of fact, since I posted that I have heard from you that I am not alone. I guess just being inside so much and the lack of sun really does have an effect on our body and how we feel.

Now, I want to go on record here by saying, I am not a doctor. These are things that make me feel better when I am feeling down. If something like this does not help, you can't get out of bed or you are feeling serious dread - visit your doctor. Don't wait to feel better. I have been there.

Okay, so these are to perk yourself up when the winter blues start to settle in.

  • Prayer, quiet time, journal, meditate. Time alone with God is IMPERATIVE to my mental health.

  • Visit with a friend. Now. Call someone. Go to coffee, lunch, the park. Just be with someone. It is a proven fact that friends make us feel better!

  • Exercise - endorphins are released to make us feel happier.

  • Buy fresh flowers for the house - Everything is so drab and dead looking in the winter. I need things that are colorful and alive in my house. I mean, other than my kids and hubby.

  • Shower and put on make-up. It seems self-explanatory, but really I often just throw my hair up in a pony and put a sweatsuit on and run around. Sometimes, I need that but when I am feeling down, I try to do this next thing.

  • Get dressed in a favorite outfit. It makes me feel less dumpy.

  • Put perfume or scented lotion on. Something that makes you feel light.

  • Get outside. God intended for us to be a part of his creation, not insulated from it.

  • Play with your kids. Okay, they are fun!!! They almost don't even know how to be sad. Take a lesson from them and just play.

  • Play favorite music.

  • Go on a date with Hubby. Love, sweet love.

  • Clean or organize. Works for me, maybe not for you. Sometimes the clutter weighs me down. I need to get rid of it to feel lighter! I honestly feel like my house is lighter when I get rid of junk.

  • Watch a chick flick and let it all out! Sometimes a good cry is all you need!

Okay, so what do you do?

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Sherry said...

THank you for sharing these! I definitely need to take some blues away. :(

Kristin said...

Thanks for your list! I decided this morning to stop at a friend's house for a cup of tea, instead of racing home to do dishes. It was so nice to hang out with such great ladies. And, I want you to know - you are such a beautiful woman, and I have NEVER seen you look dumpy!

Stefani said...

I'm with Kristin! You are a beautiful woman and even in your sweats you don't look dumpy! For me, friends are the best medicine and God has sure sent me some great ones. I couldn't be more thankful for all of them. :)

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Oh my sweet friends. I love you.
Thank you for your wonderful comments today.

I spent some time with our good buddy, Kim this morning and it was a blessing!

Lisa said...

What a great list, you summed up all my best tricks! I struggle with winter blues, too, but consciously trying to do something to help, really does help!
Thanks for your great reminders.

Julie From Inmates said...

Cute ideas. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog.

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

I find when I get rid of clutter I feel so good! Thanks for the ideas!
- Kim

Mom2fur said...

You might also want to think about taking some extra Vitamin D. The best source is the sun, but if you can't get out due to the weather, it's a good idea to take a supplement (sp?). Studies show that low vitamin D can make you sluggish and even depressed!
And hang in there...winter doesn't last forever, thank goodness!

Ali said...

Hmmm...I get the winter blues one week a month--even in the summer:) Buying something just for myself helps a lot. Even if it's just a cheapo necklace or new underwear:)

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