Friday, February 20, 2009

Chic Critique Contributor - yes me!

I'm posting over at Chic Critique today, talking about how to clean your make-up brushes.

It's important stuff, y'all. If you spend a bunch of money on the right tools you want them to last AND it is good for your skin. So, go check it out - there is even a video link.

As a matter of fact, I will be posting there twice a month! Isn't that exciting? Seriously, Jo-Lynne is pretty much my blogging hero and I am honored to be a contributor one of her sites.

Okay, so go Here to check it out.
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Allison said...

I saw your critique yesterday and commented over there, but forgot to over here! Thanks for the great tip! I use a brush cleaner from Origins, but if I ever get in a pinch and need to make some, now I know how to.

My Souper Saturday is up and thanks again for hosting. I'll link up as soon as you have it up!

EE said...

You're supposed to clean your brushes????;)
I definitely need to get over there and read about that.

Casual Friday Everyday said...


Congrats. I love Jo Lynn! How much fun you're writing for her blog.


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