Friday, February 27, 2009

I've Got That Friday Feeling

I just love Fridays. I love that sense of relief that comes with knowing that there is no bus to catch the next morning and no expectation to be anywhere before 9 am. For us anyway. At this season in our life we are not involved in any sports that require us to be out and about on Saturday morn.

Fridays actually end up being one of our busier days of the week. My daughter has 2 dance classes each Friday and we usually have something going on that night. If we don't we try to have a family movie night. That is one of the kids favorite things to do. Any great family movie recommendations?

I just love the feeling of Friday, though. That end of the week feeling. The weekend is here feeling. The pancakes and cartoons in the morning feeling. Love it.

This week was odd for me. I felt a little overwhelmed but really didn't have more to do than any other week. The added family member has definitely increased my stress level around the house. He's just a little puppy. How can they be so much work?

Anyway, it looks like the weekend is not too crazy. Since it is warming up a bit, I think we will most likely clean up the garage and finally paint B's room. Hopefully. I think I might have to get a certain husband on board, though. I am not sure those things were in his weekend plans until now.

So, Happy Friday! Any big plans for the weekend? How was your week? Why do you love Fridays? Or maybe you don't - do tell.
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Terra said...

Fridays are a good day, same thing I look forward to not dragging my butt out of bed and getting dressed quick to start my days, but the weekends are harder...more mouths to feed/meals to make etc. and we have a dance class smack dab in the middle of Saturday - sort of messes up the whole day!

Anita said...

Friday's are my favorite too, you can go over to my blog and read about mine and my week, never a dull moment with 2 teens an an 11 year old!
Last night I cooked dinner and just stayed in, it was wonderful. This morning I slept in and made pancakes for the hungry family!
Enjoy your weekend!

Jen said...

I love Fridays too. This was a special weekend - celebrating my 8 y.o.'s birthday. We surprised the kids with a little trip to Great Wolf Lodge. Now we have the rest of the weekend to recuperate and rest.

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