Monday, February 16, 2009

Janel Needs....

Got this idea from LeAnn who got it from Tess. It looked like fun blog fodder and so I am playing along. The object is to go to Google and search your name with "needs" at the end.

For example - you google "Janel Needs". Then you blog about the first 10 things that pop up on the google search that "you need" and comment on each of them. So here it goes.....

The search items are in grey and my responses are in black. My name was spelled wrong in some but it was fun to do and not one of these google searches is actually me.

1. Janel needs him - I need Him, no doubt. Don't want to go anywhere without Him.

2. Janel needs to get him neutered before he goes there - not even sure how to respond to this one. Buddy is neutered. Could be a sign of things to come since we are looking at dogs.

3. Janelle won't get back into the hot tub. Danielle tells Will that it's because Janelle needs Will's undivided attention. - Not sure who Danielle and Will are and why they are spelling my name wrong but I could always use a good hot tub.

4. Janel needs a family that will provide a very structured environment, positive reinforcement and lots of love and commitment. - AMEN!!!! Especially lots of love.

5. i don't think janelle needs to be rescued - You got that right! Well, except by Him.

6. Janelle Needs Your Help - It takes a village - I'll always take the help.

7. Janel needs a ride to the wedding - no weddings in my future.

8. Janel needs to be coached a different way than other kids need to be coached - this is probably so true - it often takes me awhile to "get" something!

9. Janelle would need a warm safe home that is securely hers - Couldn't have said it better. I love my home. It's warm, safe, secure.

10. Janel: I am a wife and mother of two delightful children ... I need a nap - Yes, yes, yes!!!!

That was fun. There are some crazy girls out there that share my name and it seems like there are a lot of dogs that need rescued out there named Janel or Janelle. hmmm.

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Jen said...

Interesting meme. I like #4. Having a name like Jen, I can only imagine the list.

Darcie - Such The Spot said...

That is an interesting one. I'd be in the opposite boat than Jen. With a name like Darcie, I might have a hard time yielding ten results!

Anonymous said...

Fun to read yours thanks for doing this fun meme

Kellie said...

This is fun! I might have to give it a try!

#'s 2, 3 and 5 made me laugh out loud!

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