Monday, February 9, 2009

Random Monday Thoughts

Well, the weekend brought many interesting things.

Jesus Nazareth wants to be my friend on Facebook. Seriously. What is up with that? Crazy people out there. The crazier thing - he has lots of friends on Facebook. Things that make me go hmmmmm.

I washed my car and left the one of the windows open. I wasn't really intending to clean the inside so much, but it's clean now!

My small group at church took 400 bags of groceries to a local community that needed it. That was incredibly rewarding. I have way more I want to write about that later - with photos. It was way cool. Way cool.

My daughter informed me that all she needs to party is some music, dancing and her girls. M'kay, then - she's 8.

My son informed me he is not marrying the girl we thought because she is marrying someone else. He thinks he might marry this girl from preschool with long dark hair who wears boots all the time.

Any workout I did last week was pretty much canceled out by the quart of Marble Slab ice cream I ate this weekend. I loved every bite.

Speaking of work outs. I am headed outside for a walk in this beautiful NC, 70 degree weather. Love it! Getting back to exercise is really interfering with my blogging.

Have a fantastic day everyone!

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kel said...

Well, are you gonna be Jesus's facebook friend? you can go around ignoring Jesus!! what if its really him??? lol

Anonymous said...

WOW I had no idea Jesus had a facebook!!!

The Tree Swing said...

have you ever seen that video what if GOD had a myspace ?

it reminded me of that about nazareth wanting to be your friend.

becareful, it might be a cult leader or something,people are crazy,lol

Your blog is very cool, how did you make that personal signature !

Jen said...

Wasn't this just the best weekend. I'm so ready for spring. And if you can ask your daughter what 8 y.o. boys like to do for a party, I'm all ears. I'm at a loss for party ideas.

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

Too funny about Jesus being on facebook! Some people are sure interesting creatures! The weather has been so beautiful lately! Good for you for taking advantage of it and going walking! I got back to the gym this morning, but I think it's barely touching on all of the calories I had this weekend with my baby's first birthday party. We still have a tray of cupcakes left! Not a good thing for someone that hates to throw food away!

Kellie said...

THe FB thing made laugh out definitly have friends in high places! ;)

And I love it when we get hear things the kids say!

And I have been LOVING the weather today!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Don't you just hate it when you over clean things, like the inside of your car? Agh. That is something I would totally do. Totally. Oh, and I like how your son is already planning his marriage. To be in pre-school again...

Merrie said...

I love your blog, and I love your kids' casual comments. My daughter just practiced getting ready for her own wedding this last weekend. She's five. :)

EE said...

I may have to reactivate my FB account, if Jesus is online;)
Your kids crack me up!

Jenn Peacock said...

I like your random thoughts, they are a lot like mine! :)

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