Saturday, March 14, 2009


My kids are very expressive. I guess being the children of a known Drama Queen, they are bound to carry on some of that.

This picture above is actually from Bubby's last birthday but it really reminded me of yesterday when he did the exact thing.

I was due to be in his class at preschool with the other parents for a Parent Lunch. That morning I was dealing with the guy putting in an invisible fence for our new puppy and I ended up running behind to get to the lunch.

AND I had instructions from my son to pick up McDonald's for the lunch because he was really wanting chicken nuggets in BBQ sauce...and the latest Spiderman toy. Dang blasted McDonalds - they really suck the kids in with those toys. When I arrived there the line was around the building. Of course it was.

Anywho, I was running late but only by about 5 minutes. When I walked into the classroom FULL of moms who were not late and sitting with their precious preschoolers, mine was sitting there with another lone kid. (I know, break my heart)

He sees me, puts his hand over his eyes just like in that picture above and loudly says, "FINALLY!"

I was not embarrassed at all. Not one bit as all the moms looked at me and snickered and the teachers tried to hide their smiles as they greeted me politely.

I guess I'm one of those moms. The late one. The one often not completely made up (or even showered) when I drop off my son...and sometimes even when I pick him up. I am often racing into carpool line as one of the last parents to drop off and pick up, along with the other moms like me. I love it when I actually see one behind me in line because I think to myself, "Well, at least I'm not as late as her! "

I do always make carpool on time. That's gotta count for something right? I'm just not the first person in line. There has to be an end of the line, right?

If you're the mom who is first in line, you will not get me at all. You might even be wondering just what in the heck is wrong with me. When we get that figured out, I'll be sure to let you know! My guess is that most of you are a little more like me, though.

So, back to this parent lunch. Actually, there were a couple kids who did not have a parent there at all. Some work and others just could not make it that morning. I love having lunch with my son and being in his classroom but I kinda think that they make such a big deal out of parent lunch day that the kids are crushed when a parent doesn't make it. I'm just not sure how healthy that is.

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Terra said...

it is hard when a parent can't make it, and I sometimes wonder why the schools even do these things. I mean seriously, I LOVE my children - but I also love it when they are at school, without me.

Kellie said...

I agree. I think its hard to do these kinds of things. This was hard for us when they did things like Grandparents day, especially when we are a military family and have spent the better half of 14 years on the move!

The Tree Swing said...

well let me tell ya, Im the BIGGEST MOM at avas pre school, Im hardly ever made up but im always on time,I have a thing with time.

IF I feel were going to be late,my insides go nuts and I feel sick ,lol

I do often feel like a reject compared to the made up and perfected hair moms BUT you know what ? when I pick them up, I get the loudest and MOST excited greeting from my kids so that makes up for it =)

Anita said...

Janel, I've been several of those parents. When my girls were little I was working full time, and I missed the Thanksgiving meals at preschool and some little things in PreK and K too, I tried to send my MIL to some, but gosh, some mommies and daddies have to work.
I've been the last in line mom on more than just a few occasions. My kids always tell on me, well my mom was going to the mall today, so she was probably shopping, gee, just throw me under the bus!
On a couple of rare and mystical occasions, I've been the first or second mom in car line, you know parked there 30 min or more before dismissal and just reading and waiting. I think those moms are nuts! LOL!
You are a cool mom, and if you got the McD's you are even better!

Deb Browning said...

Reminds me of a Valentine's Day fundraiser my daughter's school has. The kids can pay $1 for a balloon with a message attached to be given to their friends at the end of the school day. They send study hall students out to the classrooms to deliver the balloons. Even though they made sure every female received at least one balloon, it still seemed mean, mean to me. The popular kids had twenty or more balloons and then there were those with one balloon. And poor guys, some with NO balloon. I always hated that about that school on Valentine's Day. Where's the love in that?

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