Sunday, March 15, 2009

Followers - Help?

Okay, call me dumb, but what is the deal with the Followers on Blogger now? I get that Blogger wants to create some sort of community with this. And if you have 400 followers it certainly looks cool - kinda like Facebook, I guess. But if you only have say 22...well, I don't know how that looks.

So, are we supposed to log in each time we visit a blog we follow? Oh, and I've lost a couple followers? Did I say something? If you don't blog on Blogger can you still "follow" a blog?

Why would we do this instead of just subscribing to a blog?

If Blogger wants to use this as a community tool like FB or Twitter then why not notify us when someone starts to follow or not follow?

So, is it a good thing to have on your blog sidebar or not? You tell me.

Inquiring minds want to know.
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Terra said...

I took it off my sidebar. I don't use the "following" it clogs my dashboard. I use my reader. In my feed I have tons of subscribers and in blogger less than 20 followers. I think it is a matter of personal opinion - but I stopped displaying it because I stopped using it and didn't want to look like a hypocrite (SP?)

Deb Browning said...

To let you know - I don't even know what you're talking about! I'm new, new to all this.

Kellie said...

I just did it because everyone else was....good thing it wasn't Kool-Aid everyone was passing around huh?

All jokes aside....

I don't care at all about the numbers. I have a handful of "followers". People who I really feel i "know", and are apart of my on-line community.

I would rather fully engage (as much as one can on the net) with the people on my blog than have a whole bunch of empty numbers! I hope this makes sense! ( I feel the same way about Facebook)

Good or Bad? Hmm, I don't think its that cut and dry, but I would say it depends on why you blog.

One thing that does bother be is that I always want my blog to have integrity. I never want anyone to come to La Vida Dulce and be led to something else that might be a stumbling block of some sort or the other...that is why I stopped doing Adoptic. And that is why I don't advertise. This probably means less readers, but I'm Ok with that. But you may have bigger goals for your blog! So you may feel differently. All that to say, I am checking my follower list whenever I see a new person come up, because I need to make sure that they aren't just following to advertise a blog that isn't what I want to represent. Kwim?

Looking forward to hearing what others say.

Angie said...

Yeah -- I don't get the follower thing either. As a matter of fact, just the other day, I was sitting at the computer saying, "What's the point of that, really?" LOL Thanks for saying it out loud. ;)

kel said...

I have no idea.. its so confusing to me.

GladMom24 said...

too new to get it....

The Tree Swing said...

I keep hitting follow but it says im not following anyone, im lost on this one

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