Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tell Me Thursday

Two moms decided that they were tired of seeing all the fun photos out there for Wordless Wednesday without the stories behind it. So, they created a blog called Tell Me Thursday where they feature some fun Wordless Wednesday shots and then ask those people to share the story behind the picture.

First of all, can I just say how creative some people are! I would never think of something like this. Kudos to these ladies.

Anyway, my WW shot from yesterday, It's a Good Thing He's Cute, was chosen. So, here's the story...

What's to tell really? He is a 12 week old puppy. I have two kids and a 10 year old dog and frankly, I am just not used to having a puppy around. To be even more honest, I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say, I think my infants were easier. Oh, I kid. But whew, puppies are a lot of work. Be sure you remember this before you go to your local pound or rescue and get one.

If your are sure, though...they will bring you way more joy than trouble. I promise. He is so cute. He tumbles over his paws, chases his tail and crashes into a heap and snores when he finally falls asleep. He is sweet and just wants to be loved by all of us.

So, the story. Oh, yeah - the point of this post.

I was having a day. You know the kind. Well, not really a day but more like 10 minutes in my day. After it was all said and done and I was posting about it here on the blog I heard a crash. I completely forgot that I had just changed the trash bag and left the can out in the kitchen. Normally, not a problem. That is, if you don't have a 12 week old puppy in the house.

Luckily, I didn't have much in it because I just took out the trash. No food - just some flowers scraps from the bouquet that my sweet hubby had just brought home and some paper products.

He can also actually open the cabinet to the trash can with his paw and climbs in there in attempt to knock it over again. Then he gets stuck and cries.

So, the cabinet to the trash can is now locked with a baby proof lock. And here I thought this phase of my life was over.

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Anonymous said...

How cool, I too wish I could come up with some of these ides!! Awww your puppy it really is a good thing he's cute!!!!

Terra said...

You know what would be cool too? To have commenters make up the story to go with the photo. I think I might try that.

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