Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wednesday Is Global Food Crisis Day

As little as $13 can feed a child for a month in some regions.

I read that and thought about how much money I spend weekly on groceries here. $13 probably equals the amount I spend on junk food. Maybe just for this week, I could let go of some of that food we don't even need to help a child that desperately needs just one meal.

Will you join me?

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Suzanne said...

Hi! I found you on MBC and I just wanted to connect to other blogging moms of faith! So, hi!

Dawn Ward said...

Hi Janel. I have been listening to K-Love all day about this. I am getting ready to go online and make my donation...after I clear the tears from my eyes that is.

I was just praying with Rachel at bedtime, and we prayed for the children who will go to bed hungry tonight. When we finished, she was crying because she said she felt sad for them. She had $10, and she told me to go and get it because she wanted to donate it to help.

I told her that I knew that would make God very happy, and what a great way to use her money.

How sweet are those moments!

Anonymous said...


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