Saturday, June 13, 2009

Father's Day Ideas

Next weekend is Father's Day! Eek - I need to get busy. My hubby is always so great about getting me gifts that I want or need. Mostly because I am sure to fill him in on my wants and needs. Because face it - most men need our help. Not that they are helpless, they just don't always listen closely or read our minds and all that detail stuff we want them to do. So, sometimes you just have to help them out. Honestly, I wish he'd help me out more with what he wants. He just buys what he wants and then there is nothing left for me, so I have to be very creative.

I found these on Twitter this morning.

Hand-stamped Key Chain and lots of other cool ideas. My hubby loathes key chains or any jewelry except his wedding ring and watch. He loves watches but has more than enough of those.

Newest Men's Cologne - I'm pretty interested in that Diesel - bet it smells yummy. It takes my hubby for-evvvveeerr to go through a bottle of cologne. I think he still has some from the first Father's Day we celebrated 8 years ago. Seriously. I finally just threw out a bottle of POLO last year!!! I had to do it covertly. Shhh, I don't think he's figured it out, yet.

Find concert tickets and sporting events - thanks Mom Fuse. Now I could be down with this idea. I love concerts. Oh, wait - this is for him. Think Hubby...think Hubby...think Hubby.

Does he like sweets? Homemade ones at that? Great ideas to do with the kids at 24/7 Moms
Sweet Treats for Dad - Father's Day

Is your garage nicer than any room in your house? How about a personalized sign for his special space?

And then I love Red Envelope Gifts. They are very unique. Some are pretty pricey but definitely unique.

This makes me laugh out loud! Seriously, I can't imagine at all my husband wearing this! Beer Holster.

Okay, how about you - what are you doing for Father's Day? I need ideas!!!

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PW said...

handmade 'coupons' for special things, like a dinner out with just the two of you, a backrub, a foot massage, a listening ear, etc.

Kristin said...

Ryan usually has things he likes to pick out for himself! This year he got a smoker. (And U2 tickets!) How about renting a boat and going out to the lake? Or getting some kind of event tickets? Or arrange a day of golfing somewhere that he wouldn't usually get to go? I hear that Tobacco Road has an amazing course. I'm sure he'll have an extra special day - after all, he has an amazing wife and kids :)

Stefani said...

I went with the personalized calendar with pics of the kiddos. Unfortunately, it took 10 days to print, so I'm hoping it will be here before Father's Day.

Sorry, that wasn't much help. I think Kristin had some great ideas though. She always has great ideas!

Good Luck finding that special something!

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