Wednesday, June 24, 2009

God Plays Volleyball?

Last night I went to tuck Bubby into bed and he was drawing in his prayer journal again.

I asked what he was drawing and he pointed to each picture:

"This is me and God playing volleyball.
And this one is of me and God camping."

As far as I know he has never played volleyball and I know for sure he has not been camping, yet.

Bubby is a little bit afraid to do some activities and lately very afraid of new situations.

For instance, he gets scared to play golf because there was a thunderstorm one time while he played with his dad. Now, he associates golf with thunderstorms.

A near drowning at age 3 makes him very cautious in the water. This is a good thing most of the time. My mommy heart rests much easier knowing this. This past weekend, he would not enter into any ride behind the boat, though. Even with Hubby and the fact that he would be completely safe. He just did not feel safe in the middle of the deep lake even though we reassured him his life jacket and one of us would keep him safe. "Maybe when I'm 6, I will try it," is what he told us as he sat firmly in his seat on the boat.

He doesn't enter into new situations easily and I have learned that I need to prepare him by explaining what I think will happen. Remember the Kindergarten orientation a few weeks ago?

So, I find it comforting that he is drawing pictures of himself with God doing things he has never done before. How cool is it that he would imagine our great big God right there with him playing right along and keeping him safe.

In other news today, the puppy ate my night mouth guard. That thing cost $200!!! Nice.

B is home sick with a fever and sore throat and we leave for the beach in 2 days! I really hope she feels better soon and that none of us catch whatever she has. It will be a bummer to be sick at the beach.

I am getting a lot done at home today, though. I'm all caught up on Facebook now. :)
Happy Thursday everyone!

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Kristin said...

Hi Janel, Did you have B checked for the flu? It's going around like crazy, and they will give you the Tamiflu right away. It works for the flu A strain, and swine flu. Hope she feels better and yall have a great vacation!

Stefani said...

Sorry to hear about your mouth guard and that B is sick. At least you were able to catch up on all the important FB stuff though! (that's about all I've accomplished today too.) :)

Have a great time at the beach!

Anita said...

I hope B is feeling better. ugh. I think it's sweet that your little boy is drawing pictures of he and God, perhaps that will lead to more conversations about God being with him, even when things are new.
You FB, me too!

GladMom24 said...

Your little man and my Hannah are so much alike!! She once refused to get in an inflatable boat out on the lake with her daddy b/c "it didnt look safe" she paced on the beach watching them muttering "it's gonna get a hole in it and they are all gonna sink..." she was barely 5 :)
sounds like the VBS prayer journal is a great idea. I bet it helps him w/ Kindergarten.
Hope B is feeling better.

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