Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pure Evil Right Here - WW

We have A LOT of squirrels in our back yard. Mostly, I enjoy watching them.

But today?

Well, today a gang of them...Yes, a gang...knocked down my favorite birdhouse. The one where all the sweet colorful birds come to visit right on my deck.

Those stinkin' evil little furry rodents seriously pulled the screws holding it into the deck OUT of the deck. Look - it is barely hanging by one little screw. And when I went out to shoo them away, they all just stared at me just like a bunch of vandals would.

So, I tried to send my new dog after them. I think he just wanted to make friends. I would send my 6 pound, deaf, Maltese after them but he can't hear me call for him.

Hubby is suggesting a BB gun. I have been against this for a long time. I am starting to consider it. Animal cruelty? Well, maybe. But the bird feeder?!? I mean that can be considered cruel, right?

Run away as little critter...your days are numbered.

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NEBirdhouse said...

Rather than fighting the squirrels, consider distracting them with their own feeder, maybe even turn them into entertainment with a twirling feeder that sends them for a spin when they eat.


Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Oh, I have considered giving them their own feeder. I just don't want to attract even more of them. Would this do that? I truly have a little of a love/hate with them. They are very entertaining and I would not want them out of my yard necessarily. They have just done some damage, etc. Well, you know how they are.

Deb Browning said...

I had to laugh at your squirrel story. We have two feeders on shepherd's hooks and my husband sprays the poles with Pam and it's a hoot to watch them slowly slide down the pole!

Anita said...

Oh Janel.......I so feel your pain! This reminds me of my parents who had several bird feeders in their yard, and a few feeders with just corn for the squirrels too. Those piggy squirrels wanted it all, and the ripening pecans off my my mom's prized pecan became a real battle, and sadly I think the furry animals won.
Good luck!

Terra said...

I want a bb gun for the voles...I am not totally against it.

Ali said...

I would be afraid that feeding them would attract more too. It would be like an appetizer for them!

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