Saturday, July 18, 2009

Linked Up

Check out this great discussion in the comments with Busted author, Fred von Kamecke over at - Busting some myths of Christianity. Ten of his books are being given away on her site and the author is actually answering questions in the comments of this Q & A!

Confused about how to have your family eat healthier? Want to eat more whole foods?
Check out this post at Kelly the Kitchen Kop. It's a very comprehensive list of simple ways you can change your families diet for the better.

Get the skinny on what wild Salmon is in season this summer and some great recipes at Whole Foods Market. I love wild Salmon and Whole Foods carries some of the best!

Shop at "those stores" for your teens and need a good laugh? Read this post from Darcie at Such the Spot about her recent trip to the mall with all four kids. I just laughed out loud at this post.

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