Saturday, July 25, 2009

Red Yummy

Bubby: "Mom, can I have a Red Yummy apple?"

B: " Do you mean a Red Delicious apple?"

Bubby: "Yeah, whatever - can I have one?"

Me: " Absolutely."

I love the dynamics of my kids. My 5 year old son (Bubby) is so cute mixing up words to describe what he wants. My 8 year old daughter (B), Miss smarty pants, always there to correct and teach him. He really doesn't care so much about what she wants to teach him but really just wants to get what he wants. She is pretty bothered by that. And on and on...

Isn't it fun to watch little people grow?
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Ali said...

That's so funny! My youngest used to call oranges "juicies" but has grown out of it. I still call them juicies though, just to hang onto their babyhood a little longer:)

Such The Spot said...

Red yummy? How cute is that! :) It is funny how two little creatures who come from the same place can be so different isn't it? My kids are all so very unique. I wouldn't have it any other way of course...

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