Monday, August 24, 2009

"Camping Out"

I've never been camping.  Unless you count the time I camped in the back of my parents station wagon with my two brothers while we drove from Missouri to Arizona.    Oh, I guess there was that time I went with a friend and his family in their pop-up camper.    But an actual "sleep in a tent and cook my food by a fire" kind of camping?  Never. 

My husband and daughter started camping last year with their Indian Princess tribe and to be prepared for those trips, he bought a tent, blow up mattress and sleeping bags.   Now he wants to take the whole family for a camping trip.  Bless his heart.  Does he not remember who he married?  Alas, he ignores forgets this and is determined to take a camping trip.
A camping trip that does not include reservations at the Hilton.
However, we first felt it necessary to practice before we plan this "big trip." 
Because this family is used to staying at the Hilton.  Or the Comfort Inn, anyway. 
We are, by nature, not the camping type.
So, we decided to "camp" in our backyard.   We have a pretty rustic backyard with woods behind us and a big open field on the side of our yard.
Who needs a campground?  We saw deer in the field behind our house, squirrel scampering around and little frogs on the patio.  Oh, and plenty of mosquitos.  Plenty of those things around. 
So here are some pics from the weekend.
Here they are putting up the tent.  Oh look!  There's Spiderman all ready to help!
I love this next picture because if you look really close in the background you will see B on the swing and Elmo watching.    I'm behind the camera and not sure where Spidey went - so it looks like Dad is doing all the work!   Poor Dad.
Here is my addition.  Y'all, It.Is.August.  Need I say more? 
All Ready!
Buddy was the only one who found his spot, curled in and settled in for the night.  Elmo barked at EHVAARYYY SINGLETHINGTHATMOVEDINTHENIGHT.  Seriously, that dog needs to learn some camping manners before we take him to any respectable campground.   His barking woke the kids and then they remembered that they were hot...because y'all, It.Is.August...And we were tent in our backyard.  Behind our house that has wonderful cool AC cranking through it.
Finally, about 2:30 in the morning, I guess we all had enough.  It just took one wimper from Bubby for all of us to suggest we should spend the rest of the night in our cozy beds.     We headed inside and determined we might need a bit more practice before heading out on a real camping trip. 
All in all, it was fun.  A great family time and I can honestly say, that I would be very open to camping.  In a campground.  Where there are bathrooms and showers close by.  And security.   I'm just sayin'.

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Kellie said...

This is great. I don't mind camping, but I don't camp in the summer unless its high in the mountains that get cold at night.

We camp in the late and early spring when there are no bugs and no heat.

So yes, I am a camper, but a very high maintenance one at that....

Kim @ Through My back door window said...

I agree with Kellie. I like to camp, although the conditions have to be perfect! right temps, no bugs, of course the pop-up (with A/C), and no whinny kids! Of and internet hook-ups, always a good thing!
Good luck with the adventures!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Ditto, ditto and ditto. You find me a campground in the parking lot of a Ritz Carlton and I'm there.

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