Monday, August 17, 2009

Just a Little Cycling Class Revisited

Hubby and I decided that exercising together a little during the week would be a great way to spend time with each other and get healthier. It seems we are always trying to do both of those things. His idea is a cycling class which I hadn't been to in about 3 or 4 months. It reminded me of this post and since I have the craziest Monday ever, I thought I would re-post it. 'Cause, yeah, it's my blog and I can do that. ;)

Just a Little Cycling Class

Originally posted February 8, 2008

So, because of my distress over my recent bad dream, I decided to step up the exercise a bit.

I have 2 friends that love cycling classes or Spinning as some know it. I am pretty sure I like an intense workout so, I decided to give it a shot today.

So, I went to my first cycling class.

It is a good thing that I don't have to type with the part of my body that sits on the seat of those bikes. That part is feelin' some pain.

The instructor promises that it will get better. Ukay, like when? She congratulated me on standing up so much during the hills to really "push myself." I was thinking, "Yeah, I was standing up, because I could not sit down!" Seriously y'all - those seats are torture instruments to be sure.

I pass the cycling room every time I go to another class at the gym and now I know why. Why I keep on passing it, that is. It scared the bajeebas out of me. You know it is back to that being afraid of the unknown. Well, now I know.

So, I just have a couple tips of how to know that you might be in trouble in an exercise class.

  • You enter the room and it is dark. It's full of people who are ready to work out, but it is dark. This, I believe, is so you can't see the pain in each other's faces. Otherwise, you might realize how much it hurts and actually leave the class.

  • Aerosmith is the music of choice followed by Queen's Another One Bites the Dust. Seriously. Your instructions: climb the hill until the song is over. Who knew that Dream On lasts for an entire 4 minutes and 36 seconds?

  • The girl on the bike next to you is training for her next triatholon. And she helps you adjust your seat because she is not only in great shape but she is nice, too.
  • On the way in, you see another friend and she says she will pray for you.

  • Your friend that you are meeting in the class has graciously picked the two bikes in the front row right in front of the instructor. She is so excited you are going to get the full experience! No cheating up in the front row!

But, seriously, it was fun and I plan to try another class on Monday...but not without a new little nifty gel bike seat. I am all for changing things up in the 'ole exercise routine, but not without the proper equipment!

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