Saturday, August 29, 2009

Linked Up

Good Saturday Morning to you!   Hot one - again - here in NC.  How about you?  Is it cooling down where you live? 

Okay, so some great links today.   I posted this about packing a healthy school lunch that your kids will eat and then found some other really great posts about school lunches.  I'm putting them all here for you today.

In other links, here are three ways I stay connected to what is going on in the outside world.

Smart Brief  - These articles are industry specific.  You pick what you want to read about and you get an email each day with a list of articles pertaining to that industry.  ie: I like to stay on top of social media news and each day I receive an email with brief snippits of what is happening in that industry.  You can get one on Aviation and Aerospace if you want.   Or about the happenings in the United Nations which I am sure is confusing stimulating stuff. 

Worthington Wire  - Everything You Need to Stay in the Know.  Created by Allison Worthington - mom, blogger, editor and so much more.  One page, one headline per topic.  You simply click on what you want to read more of.   Like the Drudge Report for Chicks as she calls it.    

Alltop - Your Online Magazine Rack.  Let's you go in and pick the topics you are most interested in and then feeds those to your "magazine" 24/7.  This is a great way to stay on top of some super blogs out there.  I receive new articles from women's health, social media and The Economist to parenting and fashion. 

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Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

Hi Janel,

Thanks for the link to my site, and by the way, I loooooove those pics of you (in the post right after this one). It comes off so well (I love photography) - you look both kind and gorgeous at the same time. :)


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