Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Brotherly Love

This morning at breakfast, out of the clear blue sky,  my son told his big sis how pretty she looked.  Yes, it was a big "Awwww" moment for sure.  And I do believe she held her head just a little bit higher heading to school today.   

Yes, they fight like normal brothers and sisters do, but when it comes right down to it - he just adores her.   Oh, it goes both ways.  She has always tried to boss him around take care of him.  She used to call him, her "little potato" when he was a baby.  I'm not sure why she came up with that name, but I just loved that she made up her own nickname for him. 

It reminds me so much of my younger brothers.  I have two and to this day, they compliment me when I look nice and encourage me even though I still try to boss them around  give them my advice.  I know that they genuinely love me, though.   I love that about them.

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Brimful Curiosities said...

How incredibly sweet. My little guy is lost now that his sister goes to school twice a week. Loves her dearly.

Kristin said...

So sweet! They are precious! :)

The Fritz Facts said...

That is so sweet. Boo loves her big brother, and he tells her all the time how great she is. 5 minutes later, they can be bugging each other to no end. I love it.

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