Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Magnificent House

I was talking with a friend yesterday about a mutual friend's new house.    I haven't seen it, yet, but hear it's magnificent.   I think it has an elevator in it.  (okay, so how cool is that?)

Earlier in the week, I visited with another friend at her home.  Her husband is a builder and her house is amazing, too. 

Today, I am headed to yet another friend's beautiful house and we will all be hanging out by her pool and hot tub celebrating some birthdays among us.

When I say that these homes are beautiful, amazing and magnificent - I mean they are homes that are well beyond the half million dollar mark.    Not to put a price on what is lovely in a home, I'm just telling you that because it has something to do with my point.  

Because I might.  Just maybe.  Have a little bit of house envy.

Okay, you can say it...

You should be thankful for what you have.  I amReally and truly, I am.

You should be happy for your friends.  I amSincerely, I am. 

You should not want for more than you have.  Yeah.   Most of the time, I don't.   Sometimes, though.... 

So, back to the conversation with my friend yesterday.    We were talking about how fun it would be to decorate a new house.  Buy new furniture. You know, get new stuff.   Yes, of course that would be fun.  It's not happening right now but, yes, it would be fun!   She was expressing some boredom in her life - she thought that maybe this would help distract her.  

I shared my thoughts with her that there is always a bigger and more beautiful house.  There is always new furniture, new cars, new stuff - but that none of that will fully satisfy us for long.   New boredom and emptiness will creep back in our hearts if we are looking toward those things to fill us up.   Oh, look at me giving all the advice and then having house envy.   Hello, kettle, just call me the pot.

In the front of my bible, I have a quote written out by Oswald Chambers. 

No love of the natural heart is safe 
unless the human heart has been satisfied by God first.
I love that quote.  I love it because it is a constant reminder that nothing of this world will satisfy me like God will satisfy me.  That my heart must first be satisfied by him.  Everything else will fall into place if it is.

This morning, when I sat down to read my bible,  I was drawn to a page that I had bookmarked from earlier in the week.  And as if it was highlighted,  a verse just literally popped off the page.   Another little big reminder to me. 
For he himself is our peace.   Ephesians 2:14 NIV
Now that I can count on.  The economy doesn't have to be good.  My house doesn't have to be perfect  and I don't have to have something new to make myself feel better.   From a recovering shopaholic - that is hard to say, y'all. 
Focusing on what blessings I do have matters a great deal.   Like my own pretty magnificent house and the amazing family that lives in it.   The beautiful friendships I have and the opportunity to share an afternoon poolside with them.   (update:  we had so much fun!!!  What a special group of women.)

Now see, things are better already.  

What area do you struggle in with being content?  New car?  New house?  Recognition for being an amazing writer?  Wanting more accolades in your career?  Relationships?    I'd love to know, I'm not alone! Or maybe you don't struggle with being content - great, please share.   I'd really love to know more about that, too! 

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The Persimmon Perch said...

I'm glad you like the Sausage Stew recipe; it is better than it actually sounds. I understand how you feel in your post; after living without a budget and now living on a budget I find myself discontent with the little things. Practicing the "can't have it now" and "saving for the little items" is hard and works our patience but I know that it pays off. Being debt free is much better than having all the little (or big) things that we would like to enjoy now if we could.

girlymama said...

i struggle with this. we live in a VERY modest part of an extremely wealthy area. seriously - if you go down my street and turn left, you will drive past chubby checker's house.
many of my friends live in 1-2 million dollar homes, with nannies and housekeepers and its hard not to be jealous!
thankfulness is a very hard lesson! i teach it to my kids daily, and here i am struggling with it still :-)

Kristin said...

My biggest struggle with being conteent is my weight. I feel like as long as I carry this extra weight, I will never look "good enough." Sigh. I know it's so ridiculous - there are much more important things. But my mind just can't seem to register that most days. Thanks for the great post!

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Thanks ladies for sharing your hearts.

Being content is a hard thing. I have my good days and then not so good things. I guess that is why we need grace, huh?

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Kristin is so beautiful, by the way. She always looks amazing. I just needed to say that here in the comments.

sheila gramling said...

I have been blessed with a very tiny jealousy bone. I can remember two people in my life of whom I was jealous. The feelings were consuming and I refused to tolerate them for long. I fall on the other end of the spectrum: Complacency. I am often content to settle. I am lazy. Too lazy to even be jealous most of the time. For me, it is not a matter of being content or grateful for what I have. It is using the gifts I have been given to the utmost of my ability: To be discontent with being an okay mom, wife, friend, daughter. I am almost always grateful at the end of the day. But when I ask if I took every oportunity that God gave me to do the very best I could to bring good into His world, my answer is sadly: I did okay...

Kristen Andrews said...

this is a great reminder, and you are very right there is always a bigger house, better stuff!

Genny said...

"Satisfied with God first"...loved this! And so true. I loved reading your honest thoughts here and I appreciate the important reminder to be thankful for what I have!

I also love that you got to spend time with friends. I had lunch with friends just today and enjoyed it soooo much. So thankful for times like that!

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

I hesitated in posting this at all because I love my friends so much that I would never want them to feel as if I were jealous of what they have. Every friend I speak of in this post is generous beyond compare. They are warm, inviting and I always feel comfortable in their homes.

I think one thing I've missed in mentioning is that the price is often steep to have more financially and the responsibility of being good stewards of that is great.

I also think it is only human to look at something beautiful and have pangs of desire for it. And I am nothing but human.

Anonymous said...

Janel loved your article! Love that you are so truthful! While I've always enjoyed writing, I can't imagine it's totally easy to open up your life, faults, thoughts etc without feeling vulnerable at times! Maybe one day.... Oh, and I so can relate to the occasional pangs of jealousy..even if they're rare. I always remind myself that as scripture says "Every good and perfect gift comes from God" so I have the gifts He wants me to have today!

{ L } said...

BEAUTIFUL post! Thank you for sharing.

Kellie said...

I'm catching up on nearly two weeks of blog reading, but I didn't want to leave without telling you what a great post this is.

I don't often struggle with contentment when it comes to "things", but I still struggle daily with issues of the body, and its comparisons that trip me up every time!

LOVE that quote by Oswald Chambers.

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