Monday, September 21, 2009

Total Randomness

I just don't seem to be able to put more than a few sentences together lately to form a worthy post.  So, here are some completely random thoughts in my head.

Bye Bye Summer
Is it just me or is completely unbelieveable that today begins the last full week of September already?  Where did the summer go?  Where did the year go?

Social Media Loves Me, Loves Me Not
I have a love/hate relationship with social media.   I would hate to ever give it up but sometimes it seems to consume me.  It's then that I decide I need a break.    Then I miss the connection, feel refreshed and get back to it.  There is a lot of social media to keep us busy. a lot a lot a lot

What does it take to get a home-cooked meal around here?
I love to cook and have been doing a lot more home-cooking lately.  I just find my kitchen to be in a constant state of some messiness.  It never seems completely clean.  My family seems to enjoy the good food, though so I guess that is worth it.  I know we all feel a lot better.  I'm getting a lot less complaints for tummy aches.

Track Out is Upon us!
We track out of school for 3 weeks beginning next week.  I have to say that I am looking forward to not having to catch the busy by 7:30 and not packing lunches every day.  Now I just have to find something to keep them entertained for 3 weeks! 

Extracurricular Activities Begin!
We started up soccer for both kids this past weekend and they both love it.  Especially my daughter who I was not even going to register.  I really think her years of dance make her so much more aware of her feet and what to do with them when handling a soccer ball.   My son?  Not so much.  But I think he will figure it out.  We also started him in Tae Kwon Do this weekend and can I just tell you how much he LOVES that.  LOVES it.   The boy has a powerful kick! 

New Church
Our church is starting a satellite campus in my town.  The past two weekends have been our test runs and I just can't believe how cool it all is!  There are some very talented and dedicated people at my church.  It's an honor to serve with them.  We are going to miss the actual launch weekend because Hubby is in a wedding and we will be out of town (sans kids).   I'm sad to miss that but so excited about it's future here in my community. 

Today's treasure

It's one of my favorites and helps me keep things in perspective when life is constantly moving and shifting. 

Change is Constant

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Stefani said...

We'll miss you at church this weekend! Have a great weekend away!

Kristin said...

I think completely clean kitchens only belong to people who don't cook!!! Don't feel bad. Mine is NEVER 100% clean or clutter-free. (remember the stacks of mail, dishes and jewelry laying around mine the other day??) :)

The Fritz Facts said...

You mean that people have clean kitchens? Not in my house, that's for sure. lol

What is track out? I am new, excuse my questions. lol

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