Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome to My New Blog!

It looks a lot different, eh? 

Not so bright.  That's the look I was going for - simple simple. 

Thanks Jo-Lynne for putting up with me and for another great design! 

We are both struggling with the background color. 

We've tried the purple and then the yellow/orange.  Right now I have the palest of yellow there because I am not finding anything I love. 

I'd love any ideas! 

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jen@odbt said...

It looks great - love the header too! Are you talking about the color that's on the left/right of your main content? What about trying a lighter version of the blue in your header?

Kristin said...

Great look! And great profile pic!!

girlymama said...

it looks white to me. but i would try a pale, pale, pale blue.

The Fritz Facts said...

Love it! The design is so simple, and classic. It fits perfectly.

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