Wednesday, October 28, 2009

O' Lonely Peas

So, while I was out living it up with my NC fellow bloggers, my husband was home with the kids force feeding them their peas.  Or so my kids tell me. 

Anyway, B decided to try to sing her way out of eating them with the Sandra Boynton song, O Lonely Peas.  Hubby was not convinced but they sure got a good laugh.    What is most amazing about this is that we have not listened to this song in years, so it's pretty cool she remembered it and used it in the right context!  She is such a performer!

  I couldn't find the song on YouTube but did find another favorite below.  

Anyway, if you have little ones, I highly recommend Sandra Boynton's music - Rhinocerous Tap and Philadelphia Chickens are our favorites.   Maybe they will even remember a song and use it on you later in life like mine did. 

Nobody paid me to say this stuff or to link to those CD's - I don't even get affiliate credit on Amazon anymore.  It's just my opinion
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Ali said...

Funny! I've never heard of that artist before but when the boys were little (littler:)) I think I liked Laurie Berkner more than they did!

abgardinier said...

We LOVE those two CDs.... The Belly Button song is a popular one in our home.

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