Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend Mix

Fall weather, soccer, yardwork and church.    Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!  Our state fair is going on right now but I don't think we have enough hours together to make it there.  My girl has an art project in the fair, though so we HAVE to get there sometime next week!  I'll take photos.  Apparently, it's from second grade and I have never seen it.  She's in third now - interesting how they hang on to these things. 

I watched Pride and Prejudice for the first time ever last night. Swoon! LOVE that movie forever.

It's our last couple days before the kiddos are back in school from their track out. So far this week, we've bowled, gone to the movies (saw UP! - another great movie), gone to the local indoor bounce house and done a mess of crafts. I'm broke and exhausted!   All I have to say is that homeschool moms rock.  You absolutely have something that I just don't think exists in my body. 

How about you? What's your weekend looking like?

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EE said...

That soccer photo is absolutely adorable!

Stefani said...

I looked for B's picture at the fair, but I missed it. I hope you get a chance to go see it!

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