Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Roundup

PSSST.   I just realized today is ,you know, Friday and the date has a 1 and a 3 in it.

Not that I'm superstitious or anything.  I'm just telling you so that you don't do anything that you normally wouldn't do today like go skydiving.  Maybe save it until tomorrow.

Rain and Cold
It has been rainy and windy and cold here for 4 days now.   North Carolinians are not used to this, y'all.  We need our blue skies and 70 degree weather in November to be happy.   Well, to be happier.  We're actually a pretty happy lot as far as states go, I think.   It just seems people get cranky without their sunshine.  Okay, I get cranky.  

I went to one of those "gold parties" yesterday.  I sold junk - tangled up herringbone necklaces and bracelets, an old coin ring and old ring settings.  She gave me $304.  Cash money.  Crisp new bills.  I promptly went to buy Christmas presents so I would not spend it on otherwise silly things like a new faucet for my bathroom that I really don't need but want because I am in the home remodeling mode now.   Okay, that seemed to be the longest sentence about too many topics ever.   Anyway, if you have old gold and it is sitting around waiting for you to do something with it and you get invited to one of these parties - go and sell your gold.    I was positively giddy. 

Chewing on Shirts
Bubby has been chewing on his shirts since starting Kindergarten.  Any ideas on what might be causing that?   It seems like a nervous habit but it could turn out to be expensive.  I wonder if he does it to keep himself quiet in class.  The teacher said another little boy does it, too.   hmmmm. 

Since it's been COLD here, I decided to turn on my fireplace.  Last year I had it cleaned because of this terrible smell exuding from it every time I turned it on.  Well, it's still there.  And it gives me a headache.  And the repair guy tells me he can't find anything wrong, no carbon monoxide, no dirt and as a matter of fact, he can't smell a thing.   So, turns out my fireplace is just fine in it's off mode with some candles burning on the mantle. 

 Happy Friday everyone,  I hope your weekend is awesome!

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Kim @ Through My back door window said...

Shirt chewing? I thought my son was the only one! Who knew. Anyway, it seems to have stopped, but we now have many shirt with little holes all around the cuffs. No wonderful words of advice, sorry.

Stefani said...

Rumor has it that the sun will be making an appearance tomorrow. It can't come soon enough! I'm with you on the need for sunshine! Rain and cold are not my friends!

jen@odbt said...

We've had rain too for the past 2 days. Hoping for some sun soon (say that 5 times fast).

That is pretty cool you made that much money on jewelry that was just sitting around.

Have a great weekend - wishing you sun!

Kellie said...

I remember you writing about the mystery fireplace headaches last year. Strange.

A gold party? how does one get invited to one. It sounds awesome!

I am so glad that sun came out today! I was beginning to feel like we were going to need to build an ark!

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