Friday, November 6, 2009

That's Just How We Roll

Paint that is.
Get it?  How we "roll"?  Paint roll-er? I really do entertain myself some days.

Anyway, we did it. We painted the family room and kitchen these last two days. Warm Pantina. Don't you just love the name? It's actually a discontinued color from Sherwin Williams. I really just wanted something lighter in those rooms, so I found the paint color that is throughout the rest of the house (foyer, hallways, etc.)and just got the paint two colors darker than that.

I LOVE it! Mostly, I LOVE Hubby for being such a good sport.
I think it was this that finally just drove him to start the job.

I was having a really hard time deciding.  So, he picked it for me and it just happened to be the one I described above which was my first instinct.  I decided it was a sign and went with it.

Here it is.  We still are painting trim so don't look at that part.  

And yes,  it really is a different color of yellow than what was in there.  You just can't tell from the pics but it is way more neutral than it shows here.   The biggest difference is in the family room, though where it was a deep sage green and now it is this warm patina color.  The picture was not turning out right, though so I can't show you now.   I'll do a before and after sometime next week.

Stealing Cars
In other randomness, I almost stole another woman's van from Home Depot.   That is the downfall of having America's most popular mini-van.  It looks like everyone else's.  So, when I pressed the button to open my car door and it was open (guessing she forgot to lock her van) I just jumped right in what I thought was my van.

Then I looked around and it seemed strangely unfamiliar.  The same...but different.  The interior of the van was EXACTLY like mine but I noted while sitting there, trying to shove place my key in the ignition, that I did not have a red umbrella or go to Jimmy Johns for lunch.    Then I saw it - My van across the parking lot and I freaked out just a little bit.  I was on the phone with my mom and she was very concerned I would get arrested or beat up for trying to steal someone's car.  So, I hurried and got out of the wrong van, into the right van and just died laughing. 

Strangely enough, this is not the first time it has happened.  I even have magnets on the back that will help distinguish it but obviously, I wasn't paying attention to those.    I need something like a fancy luggage tag that people use to tell their suitcases apart from other peoples at the airport. 

I volunteered to cook a turkey to bring to a party tonight.   This morning, I went to the grocery store to pick it up and guess what?  Yup - they are all frozen solid right now.  The fresh ones don't come out until about a week before Thanksgiving.    Turkey breasts will work just fine, don't you think?  ;) 

I'm glad it's Friday.  Really I am. 

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Dawn said...

Someone actually "stole" my car when we lived in GA before moving to NC! I was teaching, went out after school, my car was gone. Gone. Chris was at sea (Navy), so I was home alone. School called the police. My friend picked me up at the school & as we were driving down the road, we passed my car! Followed it back to the school where another teacher got out! She'd borrowed someone else's car, which was why she didn't realize it was the wrong one. Funniest part, she was a little surprised at how loud the older teacher listened to her music ;)

Dawn said...

Oh & it wasn't even the same model car. Mine was a Nissan Maxima. The one she was borrowing & whose keys started my Maxima was a Nissan Sentra!

3littleheels said...

I am good with turkey breast by the way... And you are brave for even considering cooking a turkey for tonight! I hope to see you... Big C is on the mend and driving me crazy!

Carpool Queen said...

Haaahaaaa! I've done the same thing...I wish now I'd ordered a Suburban in chartreuse with pink zebra stripes...everyone has the same champagne color that I do.

melissa said...


Stefani said...

Just last week I was walking through the parking lot and feverishly pushing the button on my key fob wondering why my van wouldn't unlock only to look up and see that my van was in the next row! Honda Odyssey, why must you be so popular??!

Have fun tonight! Good luck with your turkey breasts!

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Dawn, that is too crazy!!! I wondered if my key actually did open this other van but I think she just left it open.

I did this with my other van a few years ago. It was actually parked in the same row as my van, though. This one was on the other side of the lot!

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Okay, so I am cooking the breast and decided that we needed some dark meat so I also go 6 turkey legs. A breast surrounded by 6 legs - a sight to see! Luckily, I'm carving before I go. ;)

CPQ - I like where you're going with that zebra striped chartreuse. I could handle a car like that.

Sandy said...

I had to read this aloud to my DH... just last night when we were out, I went to the wrong car & it certainly was not the first time (it was the same color...white...& similar to his, though a Honda instead of an Acura... & I forgot that we had my car last night... an SUV instead of the small car DH drives... oh well..) This has been a family joke for years that I don't recognize cars while the rest of my family knows every make & model. But I think you have me beat... I've never actually gotten IN another car. Now I know that is a possibility.....

sheila Gramling said...

I can't be sure from the picture, but I am pretty sure I have the exact same color in my entire upstairs hall, master bath and sitting room. I could go out in the garage and check the color, but you know that isn't happening while I am sitting on the porch in November drinking a beer. Great minds think a like: That would be Keith and the lady who sold us our house. :)

The Chubby Dove said...

Love the new color ~ so cozy and warm.

Kellie said...

I love the color! It look awesome!

And I have totally tried to get inot other peoples vans, although I haven never actually made it into anothers van....the lack of debris would have been the first clue! My car is always full of stuff!

Dawn Ward said...

Oh Janel! I laughed out loud over the car thing. Thanks for sharing!

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