Friday, December 18, 2009

7 Days Until Christmas!

Can you believe it?

Are you ready?

I am nearly ready. I always have last minute things to do - just the kinda girl I am. But for the most part, I'm ready. Well, I did have to order some additional Christmas cards last night because I finally realized that the additional ones I ordered last week were not coming. The website didn't even have record of my order. Oh well, it's all working out now

I wonder what Santa will bring me this year. I didn't even have a list for Hubby this year. I feel pretty satisfied with what I have. Well, I do want an iPhone but I doubt I'm getting that. I don't even know if they make those in the North Pole. Were you asking for something special this year?

Just a couple last minute gifts, school finishes up today, wrapping just a few ALL the gifts and I might finally start some baking! It's really a miracle I've survived this holiday shopping season without one single homemade sugar cookie. Really - not one. Something needs to be done about that this weekend!

We are expecting snow here in NC. I have to say that I am not too excited about that. I just hate the cold. For me snow is pretty to look at and that is all. I grew up in the Midwest - I've seen enough snow for a lifetime. Keep your skiing, give me the beach. Plus, I still have some errands to do and it's not fun when you have to be out running around in a wintery mix of rain and snow = ice. But my kids are beside themselves excited, so I will have to put on my big girl snow boots, a big mommy smile, go outside and make a NC snowman (much different than a Midwest snowman by about 4 feet). Come in to make the hot chocolate and dry all the wet clothes. All the while, listening to squeals of delight. Oh, I guess it isn't all the bad now that I think about it.

So, how 'bout you?
Are you finished shopping?
Snow - love it or hate it?

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HeatherV said...

We are not exchanging gifts (minus stockings). L,K&B picked a name and bought that one sibling a gift. Our gift for them will be a puzzle and when they put it together it will say we are going to sea world. So not a lot of gift buying for us here which is nice. Just need to finish the in-laws. Merry Christmas!

Stefani said...

I'm done shopping except for a couple small things for hubby. I have unfortunately shared the same fate as you without having even one homemade sugar cookie yet. I'm sure that will be remedied this weekend as well! Merry Christmas!

Anita said...

I have 3 more gifts to hubby and I are headed out tomorrow, but I know what I'm getting, and I actually enjoy the mall when others are I have everything here all wrapped...yay!!
Snow, no thanks. My FL kids have never even seen snow, but I promise I will take them someday.
My kids are officially done with school too........and so happy for a two week break..........ask me how I feel about it @ 12/28...LOL!

jen@odbt said...

I'm done! Hooray!!! We're supposed to be getting a big snowstorm this weekend. I'm just hoping the kids have school so their teachers get their gifts.

Sandy M. said...

I have 2 more gifts to pick up
(I like to get out just once at the end, too), hoping to finish the wrapping today, no baking this year (w/my right hand recuperating from surgery, that was 1 no-no from the Dr.). I love some snow, but heading to VA tomorrow after church & returning Tue., I hope it will calm down till we return.
I love the puzzle idea!

The Fritz Facts said...

We have four more to get, and that's it. I am a little excited about the idea of that. I am tired!

I love snow, but hate the mess it can bring. I love watching it fall, but not the pain of shoveling.

Julie said...

Visiting via Jo-Lynne's blog design site. I am crossing my fingers for you about the iPhone. It is worth every bit of the hype!!!

EE said...

I've got 2 gifts to buy... 1 for my 95 year old great aunt who's in a nursing home. Steve & I arent exchanging this year, as we had an unexpected carpet purchase (dang puppy).
I'm not too excited about midwest snow, either. I wouldn't mind it on Christmas, though.

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